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Themes 12:03, 22 Mar 2007

Stamp your personality on your Sony Ericsson K800i by downloading a free theme. Here's our selection of the best, and where to get them

Personalise your Sony Ericsson K800i the easy way by downloading a new theme. Themes are self-contained packages featuring wallpaper, screensavers, backgrounds for different phone modes and sometimes new icons.

Themes are easy to load – simply follow the instructions in our guide Change your K800i's theme to customise the whole appearance of your phone.

It’s easy to find new themes too – there are thousands of themes to download across the web, from abstract art and brand images to themes dedicated to your favourite films, celebrities and sports teams. Some sites will charge you for the download, but why pay? Here is our selection of the best free themes for the Sony Ericsson K800i.

Art attack
Your new theme is a chance to show off your artistic nature, so why not download an old master? The film Girl With a Pearl Earring brought Vermeer to a new audience, and the subject is now framed in her own K800i theme.

If your taste is more abstract, these 1970s-style circles offer a simple but effective backdrop, as does camouflage – as long as you don’t drop your phone in a forest.

More irreverent art fans will prefer Homer Simpson’s take on Edvard Munch’s classic.

Movie magic
You know a film has hit the big time when someone has taken the time to design a theme for their phone. James Bond’s recent outing Casino Royale spawned a whole raft of themes, but you can’t beat the old 007 gun barrel for cool simplicity.

Sci-fi themes are high on the agenda, with The Matrix's green type lending itself perfectly to the phone's interface. Star Trek is covered widely for those who like to pretend their phone is a Starfleet communicator, while classic movies like The Godfather don’t miss out – here’s one theme you can’t refuse.

Star Wars is also widely featured, but among all the Yodas, Vaders and R2D2s, we preferred Lego’s take on the saga.

Brand value
Prada have teamed up with LG to produce a stylish and highly sought-after mobile phone, but you can give your W850i a flash fashion label with a new theme. Louis Vuitton's monogram would look good on or in any handbag, while Burberry’s familiar tartan is already – for better or worse - a 21st century design icon.

For men, marques usually mean motors, and you’ll find every make from Ford to Fiat in the themes directories, including all the hottest names like Ferrari, BMW, Lotus and Porsche.

Tech talk
You’ve got a mobile phone, but why not pretend it’s a Windows Vista PC or an Apple Mac, or simply turn the whole phone inside-out. Alternatively, if technology baffles you, one theme even offers a chalkboard tour of your K800i’s desktop.

And if you can’t wait to upgrade to an iPhone, make the waiting easier by downloading Apple’s clownfish to your mobile.

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