Using Wi-Fi on the Sony Ericsson C905

Setup 15:18, 16 Dec 2008

With the Sony Ericsson C905 you can use Wi-Fi for high-speed connection to the internet - we show you how

As well as being a hot-shot cameraphone, the Sony Ericsson C905 is also well equipped for online connectivity. Not only does it support HSDPA high-speed 3G mobile data, it can also connect to the internet wirelessly using a Wi-Fi connection.

You can use Wi-Fi to get a high-speed wireless connection to the internet on your home Wi-Fi network, at work, or via public access Wi-Fi hotspots. It's simple to use. First, you need to switch on the phone's Wi-Fi function. You can then connect to nearby networks to which you have access, and connect to the internet using the phone's browser.

For accessing protected Wi-Fi networks you will need a passphrase or key from the Wi-Fi network owner. For public hotspots you may not need a passphrase or key, but may have first have to log on to the operator's service to get internet access.

Within the C905's Wi-Fi menus, you can also select your most used  networks to connect automatically when the phone 's Wi-Fi is switched on awithin range.


Setting up and using Wi-Fi

  1. From the standby screen press Menu (Figure 1).
  2. Scroll to highlight Settings (Figure 2). Press Select.
  3. Scroll across to the Connectivity tab. Scroll down to highlight Wi-Fi (Figure 3). Press Select.
  4. Wi-Fi will initially be set to off. Press Turn on (Figure 4).
  5. Wi-Fi is switched on and the phone will search for Wi-Fi networks within range. These will be listed on the Wi-Fi menu (Figure 5).
  6. To connect to a Wi-Fi network, scroll down to the one you want to use. Press Connect (Figure 6). If the network is open, a message appears confirming that you are connected.
  7. If it's a protected network, a message appears informing you that you need to input a passphrase (Figure 7). Press OK.
  8. Type in the passphrase for the network. Press OK (Figure 8). You will now be connected, and the icon onscreen will change to green (Figure 9).
  9. If you want to set up the phone to automatically connect to the network whenever you're in range, highlight the network name and press Options. Scroll down to highlight Auto Connect (Figure 10). Press Select.
  10. A message appears: Connect automatically to this network when in range? (Figure 11). Press Yes. A message appears confirming that Auto connect has been applied (Figure 12). Press OK to continue. The network status is changed in the Wi-Fi menu (Figure 13).
  11. To connect to the internet using Wi-Fi, press Back twice to get to the main menu. Highlight Internet (Figure 14). Press Select.
  12. The browser appears onscreen, with the Wi-Fi symbol on display status bar indicating that Wi-Fi is active (Figure 15).
  13. In the normal way, type in a web address, select a pre-stored link or tap words into Google search. Press Go to or Search, and the browser will take you to web pages using the Wi-Fi connection (Figure 16).


Remember to switch off Wi-Fi when it's not required, as otherwise it could drain battery power. To do this, go back into the Wi-Fi menu as outlined above, highlight Wi-Fi and press Turn Off.

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