Downloading free themes for the Sony Ericsson C905

Themes 15:14, 16 Dec 2008

You can customise the look of your Sony Ericsson C905 by changing its theme. We show you how to get free downloads straight to the phone

The Sony Ericsson C905 is a smartly designed handset, with its own special Cyber-shot branding and themes pre-loaded to give it a distinctive high-quality photo-phone look. But if you want to give your C905 a more personalised feel, you can do so quickly and easily by installing new themes.

By installing a new theme you can transform the look and feel of the phone, giving its menus and standby screen wallpapers a refreshed appearance. Some themes for the C905 also include additional vibrating feedback as you select main menu options.

Sony Ericsson includes a selection of pre-loaded themes on its handsets which you can easily switch between. In addition, you can download and install many more; there are numerous websites offering an amazing variety of themes you can download to your PC and copy over to the handset using its USB cable, Bluetooth or memory card. You may have to pay for some of these themes, but many high-class ones can be downloaded for free.

Sony Ericsson also provides a whole bunch of its own themes you can download straight to the C905. As well as some premium paid-for themes, there are a selection you can get straight to your phone for free. We show you how below...


Changing themes

  1. From the standby screen press Menu (Figure 1).
  2. On the main menu screen, press Options. Scroll down to highlight Theme (Figure 2). Press Select.
  3. In the Themes menu, a list of available themes appears. Scroll down to the new theme you want to install (Figure 3). Press Set. (Note the Sony Ericsson option at the top of the list offers an online link to download more themes - see below for more details).
  4. The new theme is installed and the background of the menus changes (Figure 4). You can view other revamped menus or the standby screen (Figure 5) by pressing Back or hitting the Call End button. 


Downloading free themes
You can also download and install free themes quickly and easily from the Sony Ericsson mobile internet portal directly to the handset. You can use either Wi-Fi or a mobile data connection to access the internet, whichever is most convenient (and cheapest) data option available. (For information about connecting via Wi-Fi see our article Using Wi-Fi on the Sony Ericsson C905).


  1. Go to the Themes menu in the way outlined above. In the Themes menu, highlight the Sony Ericsson option (Figure 6). Press Go to.
  2. In a few moments you are connected to the Sony Ericsson Fun & Downloads portal on its Themes page (Figure 7).
  3. Scroll down to browse the themes available. The ones on this first page will cost a fee to download.
  4. To see more details of a theme, point the browser's cursor to Details next to the appropriate theme (Figure 8). Press Select. A description of theme appears onscreen (Figure 9). Press Back to return to the list.
  5. To find free Sony Ericsson themes, scroll down towards the bottom of the screen. Point the cursor at the Free stuff option (Figure 10). Press Select.
  6. In a few moments a page of free themes will appear (Figure 11). Scroll down to browse the list. As above, click on Details to see more info on particular themes.
  7. Choose the theme you want. Use the cursor to point to the Download option next to it (Figure 12). Press Select.
  8. A description of the file you've chose to download appears onscreen with the question: Continue? (Figure 13). Press Yes.
  9. A message appears confirming that it has been downloaded and asking if you want to use it now (Figure 14). You can choose to continue browsing by pressing No. You can then install it later. If you want to install it straight away, press Yes.
  10. On the Use as screen (Figure 15), press Select. The new theme is installed and the menu backgrounds change (Figure 16).
  11. Press Back to return to the Downloads site, or Call End to get back to the new-look standby screen (Figure 17).

You can swap the themes back to the original or another theme any time you like by using the simple procedure outlined in the Changing themes section above.

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