Setting up and using email on the Sony Ericsson C905

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Use your regular email for sending and receiving messages on your Sony Ericsson C905 - we show you how

The Sony Ericsson C905 is geared up with a full roster of mobile messaging applications, with support for email and instant messaging included.

Like most current mobiles, you can send and receive email from your regular email account on your C905. Files received as attachments can be viewed, and you can add your own attachments from content on your phone. And it's very easy to set up, with no complicated settings required.

Whether you want to occasionally check emails when you're out and about, or want to keep in touch constantly, mobile email can be extremely useful.

As well as the basics of composing, sending and receiving, you can forward email and adjust your account settings to suit how you use email on the phone.

The C905 can be configured to work with your regular POP3 or IMAP email account or multiple accounts, so you can use web-based email or email accounts from internet service providers. If in doubt, check with your email provider. Also, if you want to use your corporate email, you may have to ask your IT deparment for POP3 settings.


Email set up made easy
The C905 has a wizard to help you set up your email automatically, simply by entering basic details such as your email address, username and password. It interrorgates its database for the setiings and automatically sets up your email accounts quickly and easily.

Sony Ericsson's UK Vodafone exclusive version also has account settings embedded for certain services. If one of these is for your email provider, you could edit details to set up your account without going through the set-up procedure outlined below.

You're not restricted to one email account. You can set up several accounts for different email addresses, following the same procedure outlined below for each. You can then switch between accounts as you need to.

In addition, Sony Ericsson has downloadable over the air settings for some internet email providers and mobile operators at its website at Here, though, we show you how to set up email straight from the phone.

Setting up - first steps

Details you need to automatically set up your emall on the Sony Ericsson C905:

Email address - Your full email address.

Username – This is usually the part before the ‘@’ in your email address, although it does vary between providers; check the settings page of your email account or ask your provider if you’re unsure.

Password - Your usual email password

Once you have these to hand, follow these instructions to set up email...

  1. From standby, press Menu (Figure 1).
  2. Highlight Email. Press Select (Figure 2).
  3. Scroll down to highlight Accounts. Press Select (Figure 3).
  4. Highlight New account. Press Add (Figure 4).
  5. In the 'Your name' panel, type in your name (in this example we've used 'Know Your Mobile') (Figure 5).
  6. Click down a line to the 'Email address' panel. Type in the full email address you want to access. Press Continue (Figure 6).
  7. In the 'Username' panel, type in your username - usually the bit of your email address before the '@'. Check and edit it appropriately if your full email address is shown in this box (Figure 7).
  8. Click down to the 'Password' panel. Enter your password carefully - it will be shown as a row of asterisks once you've selected a character (Figure 8). Press Continue.
  9. A pop-up message will appear onscreen to ask if you'd like to connect to the internet to check for email settings. Press Yes (Figure 9). This will take several seconds while the phone connects and interrogates the remote settings database.
  10. A message will appear when settings have been found: Email setup completed. Update inbox? Press Yes (Figure 10).
  11. The phone will now connect to the remote email server to download any emails waiting in that account. It will show how many messages have been received. Press OK to see your inbox (Figure 11).

If there are any downloaded messages in your email inbox, you can see them listed (Figure 12).

  • To view emails in full, scroll down the list of message headers in your inbox, and press View to get the full email onscreen (Figure 13).
  • If there is an attachment or message bigger than the automatic size limit, you can download it to view. Press Options, highlight Download, and press Select.

Accessing your email account to send and receive emails
You should now be set up and ready to send and receive emails on your phone.

  1. From standby, press Menu (Figure 1).
  2. Scroll to highlight Email (Figure 2). Press Select.
  3. Here you can see a familiar set of email options (Figure 14). You can click on Create new to compose and send a message (Figure 15), or Inbox to look at received emails.
  4. To get new emails, if your Inbox is empty, simply click on Check mail. Alternatively, in the Inbox press Options, highlight Check new email and press Select (Figure 16). The phone will connect with your remote email server and download new emails.

Getting automatic email updates and push email
You can set the C905 to receive email at regular intervals - from every 5 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 2 hours, 4 hours, 12 hours or every 24 hours.

  • To set this, go into the Email application as above.
  • Scroll down to highlight Settings. Press Select (Figure 17)
  • Scroll down to Check interval. Press Select (Figure 18).
  • Scroll down to highlight the interval you want for checking email. Press Select (Figure 19). This will now be set.

If your network supports it, you may also be able to set up push email, so you can receive messages automatically as they're received. The push email option is in the same menu list as the the Check interval settings (Figure 17).


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