Top 10 animated themes for the Sony Ericsson W890i

Themes 17:31, 31 Mar 2008

We've tracked down 10 of the best animated and Flash Lite themes for the Sony Ericsson W890i handset

The Sony Ericsson W890i is one of the best looking phones around and thanks to its Flash Lite capability it can host some excellent animated themes as well.

We've gone out to the various theme websites - and there are quite a few - to come up with our top 10 animated themes for your Sony Ericsson W890i.

We've also included some of the default animated Flash Lite themes that Sony created for the W890i - because we know some pesky operators have a nasty habit of stripping them off.

Incidentally, Sony Ericsson is one of the more enlightened mobile phone makers when it comes to themes - can you hear me Motorola and LG??! - and it comes as no surprise that several of the best animated themes come from the company's in-house designers.

Note: all these themes are free to download although some sites require registration. For information on how to install themes on the W890i read this article.

Some operators may disable certain Flash menus on your phone, for the themes to work you will have to find out how to debrand your phone. Check out a site such as Wotan server for information on how to do this - if you debrand your mobile it is your own responsibility and may void the warranty of your phone or the terms of your contract with your operator.

1. Citybeat
This was created by Sony Ericsson for the W880i but it works just as well on the W890i. Fantastic futuristic visuals and a lovely rumble response when you select a function. Nice.
Download City Beat theme

2. The Matrix
Almost 10 years after the sci-fi blockbuster was released and still those neon green falling bits and bytes maintain their power to thrill. Who cares if they used Nokias in the movie?
Download The Matrix theme

3. Purple Sky
One of the new animated themes with Flash Lite menus that Sony created specifically for the W890i. It's a cracker - and we bet Prince would love it too.
Download Purple Sky theme

4. Musaic
Another one of the original Sony Ericsson W890i themes - curses on the pesky mobile phone operators that remove them! - Musaic also features the active wallpaper feature that lets you know what track is currently playing on the Wakman media player. Handy.
Download Musaic theme

5. Light Flow
A simple blue flame on a dark background. Subtle but strangely mesmeric.
Download Light Flow theme

6. Aurora
Similar to the above but with a nice North Pole and Aurora Borealis animated standby screen.
Download Aurora theme

7. Walkman Animated
Another cracking animated Flash Lite theme cooked up by the Sony Ericsson boffins specifically for your W890i.
Download Walkman Animated

8. Spooky Skull
Not very sophisticated but we liked the idea of Death giving us the finger.
Download Spooky Skull theme

9. Orange Walkman
Another Walkman brand-focused theme - this one brings in the orange hues witha nice animated water effect on the standby screen.
Download Orange Walkman theme

10. The Eye of Sauron
This W890i theme has a Lord of the Rings flavour with The Eye of Sauron flickering and smouldering away in this animated wallpaper.
Download Eye of Sauron theme


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