Sony halts Xperia Tablet S sales due to production flaw

News Paul Briden 11:57, 5 Oct 2012

A manufacturing flaw in Sony's Xperia Table S has put a stop to production and sales of the device

Sony has put a temporary hold on sales of its newly launched Xperia Tablet S due to the occurrence of a manufacturing fault in several devices coming off the production line.

Apparently a consistent gap is occurring between the display panel and the bodywork and this gap compromises the water resistance of the device, as you can imagine.

Sony has issued an apology, promising to offer free inspections and repair services to owners of the 100,000 slates which have already shipped if they have a problem and are advising owners to get their new tablets checked out.

It’s not clear whether this issue only affects a limited selection of the devices and whether these are isolated to a particular region.

Sony’s press release was in Japanese, suggesting it may be localised to Japanese models. We don’t know if the problem could affect users in the US or UK as well.

We’ve been in touch with Sony’s UK PR representatives for official comment on the situation for UK customers and will update as we hear more.

In the meantime, Sony is advising Xperia Tablet S owners to keep their devices away from water.

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