Sony SmartWatch 3 & SmartBand Talk Leak Before IFA 2014

News 12:05, 1 Sep 2014

Sony’s new wearable range has been detailed in a new leak with some photos of the upcoming SmartWatch 3 and SmartBand Talk

Sony Joins Windows Phone Party, First Handset Lands In July

News 18:09, 8 Apr 2014

Rumours of Sony working on a Windows Phone handset seem to be proved correct

Sony Ditches Android Wear For IFA-Bound SmartWatch 3

News 15:45, 14 Aug 2014

Sony has no plans to use Google's Android Wear OS inside future SmartWatch products. Trouble in paradise?

Android 4.4 KitKat Must Run On ALL New Handsets

News 12:13, 17 Feb 2014

In the Android Kingdom, Google’s word is law. And this new edict is a right dozy for OEMs!

Sony Xperia D5103 To Rival Moto G

News 11:54, 13 Feb 2014

A brand new Sony Xperia handset has appeared and it seems to feature similar specs to the Moto G

Sony’s PS4 Virtual Reality Headset May Have Been Confirmed

News 15:37, 3 Feb 2014

Sony Online Entertainment boss lets slip on Sony VR Headset project

Nokia's Q4 Results: Disappointing, Surprising & Shocking

News 17:09, 23 Jan 2014

Nokia's Q4 2013 financial results are in and a poor quarter suggests Microsoft has a lot of work to do

Microsoft Makin’ It Rain For Potential WP Partners

News 12:23, 16 Jan 2014

Microsoft is funnelling cash to partner manufacturers, but not as much as previously thought

Is Windows Phone About To Get Cool? First Sony, Now Samsung?

News 12:21, 15 Jan 2014

Is Windows Phone cool now? Sony and Samsung seem to think so – both are now rumoured to be working on a handset for 2014

Apple’s UK market share dips 5% year-on-year

News 11:46, 13 Jan 2014

Stronger competition and the rise of Nokia and Sony have resulted in Apple’s market share dipping 5% in the UK

Android Jelly Bean now on 59.1% of handsets, KitKat 1.4%

News 11:09, 13 Jan 2014

The latest Android distribution stats are in. Android Jelly Bean takes lion's share while KitKat is on the up

Android 4.3 rolls out to Xperia Z, ZL ZR and Xperia Tablet Z

News 11:31, 24 Dec 2013

Sony has begun rolling out the previously announced Android 4.3 update for a bunch of handset

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Features 14:53, 17 Sep 2013

For when a tablet just don't cut it...

IFA 2013: Three Days at Europe’s Best Tech Expo

Blogs 12:07, 9 Sep 2013

Sausage, beer, and technology. Paul reflects on his three days at IFA 2013

iWatch & Galaxy Watch: Are smartwatches the future?

Blogs 12:49, 24 Mar 2013

The future of mobile tech is going to be on your wrist, but Damien McFerran has serious doubts

How to reset the Sony Xperia Z

User guides 20:39, 14 Mar 2013

We walk you through hard resetting your Sony Xperia Z