Samsung Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo & Gear Fit Out Now: Android Out, Tizen OS In

News Richard Goodwin 10:57, 14 Apr 2014

Samsung's new wearable devices range is available now, here's what you need to know

Just like a giddy kid on Christmas Eve, Samsung just couldn’t wait another 24 hours for MWC 2014 to kick off in earnest and has officially unveiled its brand new Gear smartwatches: the Gear 2 and the Gear 2 Neo. The most interesting aspect of these new wearable gadgets is that, unlike their predecessor, they do not run Android – and that’s pretty significant.

Samsung has been beavering away on Tizen for a good long while now but this is its first outing inside a piece of wearable technology. The two smartwatches no longer carry the Galaxy name, although Samsung maintains these new smartwatches will be “more compatible” than the last, supporting more than a dozen Galaxy handsets at launch. 

“The Galaxy Gear 2 and Galaxy Gear 2 Neo are essential companion devices, allowing you to accept or ignore incoming calls and messages, and providing notification options based on your activity and habits. Both act as an extension of your daily life, giving you more control with a range of standalone features. For example, you can control the other electronic products in your home, such as your TV and set-top box, through a WatchON Remote application with an embedded IrLED sensor. Plus, the addition of a standalone music player with Bluetooth headset means that even if you leave your smartphone at home, you can still enjoy your music when you are out and about,” said Samsung in a statement to the press.

Samsung didn’t say why it ditched Android in favour of Tizen OS – although it’s no secret the Korean manufacturer is desperately looking at ways to reduce its reliance on Google’s Android platform. And it seems this little campaign is starting with the Gear 2 smartwatches; phones and tablets will likely appear later on 2014 (and who knows: we may even see a few at MWC).

So what’s new in the Gear 2?

The overall design and finish has been modified slightly and the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo are now slightly slimmer than their forefather. For the most part – we’ve only seen press shots thus far – the smartwatches do not look all that different. The camera has been moved, however, and now sits just above the display (previously, it was on the strap). Both feature standalone music players and support for Bluetooth 4.0, but only the Gear 2 has a camera. 

You can express your mood or coordinate your device with your outfit thanks to a range of strap colour options; including Charcoal Black, Gold Brown and Wild Orange for the Galaxy Gear 2; and Charcoal Black, Mocha Grey and Wild Orange for the Galaxy Gear 2 Neo.

A lot of what made the Galaxy Gear good (and bad) remain in place. However Samsung has added in things like a heart rate monitor and tons of exercise modes – all of a sudden S-Health starts to make sense! Both smartwatches let you answer calls, read messages and check notifications from certain applications.

Inside there’s a dual-core 1GHz chipset (up from the Galaxy Gear’s 800MHz setup), 512MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage. The battery is a 300mAh cell and Samsung says it can last up to two or three days from a single charge. The Gear 2’s exact measurements are 36.9 x 58.4 x 10mm and it weighs 68g, while the Gear 2 Neo comes in at 37.9 x 58.8 x 10mm and weighs 55g. Both are IP67 Certified for dust and water resistance.

“Samsung continues to lead in the wearable technology market with innovative, creative devices that are completely integrated into the lives of our customers. Offering extended connectivity features, stylish customisation options and a robust application network, we have enhanced everything that people love about the original Galaxy Gear to create a second generation of wearable devices that offer unparalleled smart freedom,” said Simon Stanford, Vice President of IT & Mobile division, Samsung Electronics UK & Ireland.

Samsung Release Tizen SDK, Apps On The Way

Samsung has now released the software development kit (SDK) for Tizen so developers can now jump on board and begin to work on content and apps for the Gear 2.

Samsung said in a press release “The new Tizen SDK for Wearables means that a variety of applications for the Samsung Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo are expected to be developed by the active Tizen app developer community. With more than 100 unique partnerships, the Samsung Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo offers you enhanced wearable experiences for fitness, shopping, social media, music, news, and sleep management. “

eBay, Expedia, News Republic, CNN, Conde Nast, Sleep Genius and Runtastic are all currently available on Samsung's Tizen OS. However the release of the SDK should see lots more content appearing over the coming weeks and months. 

How To Type?

It has also been announced that the Fleksy Keyboard will be available on the device. The developer of keyboard app Fleksy announced the touchscreen alternative will be available on the Samsung Gear 2.

On such a small touchscreen, 1.63-inches, it’s difficult to type and the keyboard will allow you to send messages with much more ease than before.

“Fleksy's patent-pending technology is uniquely positioned for wearable devices. Fleksy allows users to accurately type on any device, regardless of size, and we are very excited to work with Samsung to finally bring this unique technology to the Gear 2.0," said Ioannis Verdelis, COO of Fleksy.

"This is an important milestone in our mission to make touchscreen typing easier on wearable devices. We are now bridging the gap between your smartwatch and smartphone, making it easier for you to communicate directly from your wrist.”

The app will be available once the Samsung Gear 2 is released.

Samsung Gear Fit

Complicating things further is the Samsung Gear Fit, a type of Nike FuelBand gizmo with a curved AMOLED display that monitors your bodily functions, as well as displaying notifications and updates from a connected Galaxy handset. Again, there’s no word on pricing – although the Gear Fit will likely be cheaper than the Gear 2 smartwatch.

Samsung says the Gear Fit is like having a personal trainer on your wrist; the gizmo links up with a Galaxy handset – presumably using BLE 4.0 – and liaises with Samsung’s S-Health 3.0 application to give you up to the minute metrics on how much you’re exerting your body.

“We’re excited to be expanding our Gear product portfolio with a range of unique devices so there is something for everyone, irrespective of their different lifestyles, interests and needs,” said Simon Stanford, Vice President of IT & Mobile division, Samsung Electronics UK & Ireland.

“The new range includes the Gear Fit which we’ve designed specifically to help those of our customers that want to live a more fit and active life but don’t want to sacrifice their own personal style or ability to stay connected on the go.”

In a bid to showcase just what is possible with the Galaxy S5, the Gear 2 and/or the Gear Fit, Samsung has produced a glossy video detailing exactly how all the new gizmos link up and work together. Inside you’ll see how the Galaxy S5 leverages the Gear Fit and Gear 2 (and vice-versa). 

The Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit will be available in the UK and the rest of the world from April 11 alongside the Galaxy S5. Samsung has yet to confirm prices, however, although the Gear 2 Neo is expected to retail for quite a bit less than the Gear 2. 

Samsung Wearables Out Now

Samsung’s brand new range of wearable’s running on the Tizen OS are available now. Launching alongside the Samsung Galaxy S5 flagship handset in 125 countries, the wearables called Samsung Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit can be picked up now. Each is available directly from Samsung for £169 each. On the Samsung site you can currently pick up the Gear 2 Neo in either charcoal black, wild orange or mocha grey straps.

The Gear Fit is currently only available in charcoal black colour whilst the Gear 2 isn’t available on the site just yet. It’s expected to be available on the site within the next couple of days though – we'll update as soon as we know more.

For the devices to work you’ll need a Samsung device to pair them with. There are 20 potential Samsung handsets that work, including the Galaxy S5 and the Galaxy Note 3. To check if your device matches up head over to Samsung’s site.

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Why do I want to buy another expensive device that does way less and nothing more than the smart phone I already have to carry?


One other new smartwatch is the SmartQ Z-Watch ($149) to launch this week and offers a full color touch screen display with one of the highest resolutions on a watch display, along with offering a powerful 1Ghz processor, twice the battery power of most other models on the market; plus features both Bluetooth & WiFi connection.

The SmartQ Z-Watch It also offers an MP3 Player & Voice Recorder, a walking/ jogging pedometer, and works with Android to handle phone calls and sync and display messages, contacts, and schedule. A software update is expected shortly to work with Apple iOS devices as well, and a SmartQ Z-Watch App store is expected to launch in December.

SmartQ other innovations include the world's first tablet with a built-in DLP projector - winning a prestigious 2013 CTIA E-Tech Award and now the Smart Q Z-watch is gaining notice for its features and design and compares to the new Samsung Galaxy smartwatch at nearly half the price.

One U.S.source for the new SmartQ Z-Watch is --Tab l et Sp r i nt-- which has product details and includes a $25 premium earphone set as part of the package.

Should include note 8.0

Breathtakingly hideous design.

I think receiving notifications from this device coming from your phone is the best feature. It is better as a stand alone device, not as a miniature version of your smartphone.

Because it's fucking awesome

Lol at it this way... Instead of buying a $300 traditional watch that only tells time. Why not buy a smart watch???

It is fucking awesome, just got one.

Listening to podcast while in the shower...volume not up high enough... uses Gear 2 to turn it up...


Anybody know what the length of the wrist band is? The original Gear was made for people with an average size wrists.

Gear 2 Neo has a 7.5" interior circumference when at it's largest. I assume the Gear 2 has the same band. -Source: Measured mine ;)

Smartwatches are a convenient option when operating a motorcycle. Stop at a light, glance at your wrist, notifications available without digging phone out of your pocket. Bingo was his namo!

I understand I'm inclined. I possess a Samsung telephone, tablet, TV, icebox, cooler and practically anything with a force rope in my house. But I simply don't get why Samsung might make a watch that just works with their telephones. That's piece of why I probably won't utilize Apple items. I would prefer not to be attached to one biological system. When I search for Apps, I need ones that cross stages (Our
Groceries, Evernote, Gmail). It needs to work with my telephone and PC. My other issue with this is the expense. It's still $300. That's excessively for a watch. Pebble is $130 ($100 for people) and it looks decent as well. Samsung, I'd be euphoric to
purchase this watch. I am precisely your intended interest group. But make it work with any telephone (Android and ios) and offer if for short of what $200.

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