iPad 3 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6 [Rumours]

Vs Paul Briden 17:17, 3 Feb 2012

We take a look at the rumours surrounding Apple's iPad 3 and Samsung's next 11.6-inch Galaxy Tab

We compare two of the most exciting tablet prospects of 2012 – speculatively. But which, out of the iPad 3 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6, will be worth your cash in 2012? 

We make an educated guess base on current rumours and leaked information below: 

The iPad 3's form factor has been the subject of fairly intense debate online. On the one hand, you have the camp which says it will be a highly distinctive complete revamp worthy of the new iPad 3 label.

The more probable result that is supported by a number of reports, suggests that it will very closely resemble the iPad 2's form factor. We've also heard extensive reports about it being 1mm thicker as well.

Other external changes are supposedly minimal, prompting some commentators to brand it as the iPad 2S. Based on these claims some case manufacturers in China have even begun production of slightly thicker cases for the ‘iPad 2S'.

It's a tough call to make, but we're inclined to believe reports from those who've actually been to see Apple and had a hands-on with the device, and such reports indicate it's not a huge change in terms of visual design.

Reports of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6 suggest that, despite it's larger 11.6-inch touchscreen it will not, in fact, be much bigger than the existent Galaxy Tab 10.1.

That's not to say that it won't be bigger at all – surely it must be – but the implication is that the larger screen simply takes up more of the front of the device, resulting in a smaller bezel around the outside.

A few mock-ups based on first hand accounts of the device look very nice indeed, we generally approve of narrowing the space around a touchscreen as much as possible and this would appear to be the direction that Samsung has chosen to go in with the Galaxy Tab 11.6.

Apart from this the 11.6-inch tablet looks remarkably similar in shape and design format to its smaller predecessor.

Winner - Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6

For starters, the rumour mill has long suggested Apple's iPad 3 will bring the iPhone's acclaimed Retina display to the tablet format.

Claims from those who've had contact with the device and from analysts keeping an eye on the display supply chain seem to support this idea.

This will mean double the resolution of the iPad 2 at 2048x1536 pixels on the same 9.7-inch slab of IPS (potentially IPS+) LCD glass.

You can expect the iPad 3's display to be just about the most impressive ever seen on a tablet, pushing out crisp, bright and colourful visuals.

According to reports the massive 11.6-inch glass sheet on this latest Galaxy Tab will clock an even more impressive 2560x1600 pixel resolution at a 16:10 aspect ratio.

It's not clear whether Samsung has managed to introduce its excellent AMOLED display technology but if so that would be a considerable boost to picture quality and display performance too.

Unless Samsung has really pushed the boat out we expect Apple's Retina display to be the better offering here.

Winner - Apple iPad 3

Storage isn't actually something which has been extensively discussed for either tablet but we think it's fairly likely both will have similar setups based on their predecessors.

This would mean each would have 16GB, 32GB and 64GB variants.

Frankly, we'd be shocked if the iPad 3 had micro SD card storage but it seems likely the Samsung Galaxy Tab will – up to 32GB is a fair bet.

In terms of RAM, the iPad 2 had 512MB while the Galaxy Tab 10.1 had twice this at 1GB.

We're not sure if Apple will up the stakes to 1GB, but this seems like the minimum to expect from Samsung's new device and it could feasibly push things further to 1.5GB or even 2GB if we're lucky.

Rumours suggest that next Galaxy S handset, the Galaxy S III will have this much RAM so we wouldn't be too surprised if the Tab 11.6 did as well.

We think the likelihood is that Samsung will win this as it'll keep the internal storage on a competitive level offering card storage the iPad will lack and likely more RAM than Apple's device will bring too.

Winner - Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6


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