Android Jelly Bean for Samsung Galaxy S2 hits Europe

News Richard Goodwin 15:51, 23 Jan 2013

Android Jelly Bean is rolling out to Samsung Galaxy S2 devices in Europe, according to reports — so where’s the UK version?

Samsung is taking its sweet time rolling out Android Jelly Bean to UK Galaxy S2 devices, that much we already know. Jelly Bean for the Galaxy S2 went live Asia over a week ago and is now reportedly rolling out to handsets in Spain. So where’s the UK version?

At present no one seems to know. Know Your Mobile has put the question to both of Samsung’s UK PR offices and has yet to get a definitive answer.

That said – if Jelly Bean is now live in Spain at least it’s getting closer to the UK, geographically speaking. So what can you expect once Android Jelly Bean lands in the UK?

‘The update will bring a new interface design, similar to the one on the Galaxy S III or the Note II,’ says GSMArena. ‘Other changes include a smoother UI thanks to Project Butter, Google Now, two homescreen modes, Direct Call, Smart Stay Pop-up Play, new notification toggles, camera improvements and much more.’

Both GSM and SamMobile seem to think the update could land in the UK at any point. Know Your Mobile heard similar reports at the start of the month about Jelly Bean rolling out around January 15, but that obviously never happened.

How much longer does the UK have to wait, Samsung?

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