Samsung’s Philippines-based arm confirms Galaxy S2 Android 4.0 update — Samsung HQ says no

News 16:56, 9 Mar 2012

Samsung attempts damage control on its mistaken Galaxy S2 Android 4.0 update announcement

In somewhat embarrassing news for Samsung, the company's Philippines branch erroneously announced a March 10 rollout for the Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 Android update for the Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone.

The incorrect announcement got online users in a bit of a flutter as it brought a previous March 15 rumour, based on a Facebook post from the company's Israeli division, forward by five days.

But Samsung has been forced to step in via Twitter and explain that March 10 is not the rollout date and that, in fact, the company does not have a concrete date set.

Once again Samsung requested that eager customers keep an eye on its official Twitter feed for more information.

This announcement would also suggest that that March 15 date is incorrect too.

We're back to square one on when the long-awaited update will arrive. Samsung announced in 2011 that it had plans to push the update to Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note devices during the first quarter of 2012 - that gives a rough deadline of late April 2012 at the very latest.

We think given all this back-and-forth it seems likely we won't be seeing a rollout until nearer the end of Q1.

We'll be sure to bring you more information as we get it.

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