CES 2012: Lenovo IdeaPad S2 7 integrates WHDI streaming

News 10:29, 12 Jan 2012

Lenovo has unveiled its integrated HD streaming technology that allows you to stream content to HD televisions wirelessly

Lenovo has partnered up with Amimon to integrate wireless HD streaming capability (WHDI) for the newly announced IdeaPad S2.

This means you can stream the IdeaPad S2 7's Android desktop and any running apps or games to an enabled HD TV, without the need for clunky dongles.

Brilliantly, Lenovo and Amimon have managed to engineer the integrated hardware without compromising on the tablet's form factor.

It's not completely without the need for purpose-specific accessories just yet, as you'll need to plug a receiver into the TV. But at least it means no faffing around with the tablet itself and, if this takes off as we expect it might, it probably won't be long before TVs start integrating receivers, too.

The lucky people at Engadget managed to get a hands-on with Lenovo's 7-inch IdeaPad S2 and were able to see the integrated WHDI hardware in action. Overall the assessment sounds positive:

‘There was no noticeable lag, and the picture appeared very sharp and consistent, both when playing back video and while mirroring apps and the interface to the connected Sony TV,' Engadget commented.

Our hunch says that integrated WHDI will likely become a widespread technology included in many high-end tablets,  and possibly even phones, just as HDMI became a popular premium feature across mobile tech.

Picture and video credit: Engadget

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