No NFC for UK Samsung Galaxy S2

News Richard Goodwin 11:50, 28 Apr 2011

A UK Samsung spokesperson has confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S2 will not be NFC-enabled in the UK

The Samsung Galaxy S2 will not be NFC-enabled in the UK. It will also not get NFC in the future as it’s shipping without an NFC chip inside it.

There has been a bit of confusion in the run up to the Galaxy S2’s UK release concerning its NFC capabilities.

For instance, some reports suggested that the device would ship with a dormant NFC chip that would be activated later via a firmware update.

Other reports claimed that only certain territories would get NFC-enabled Samsung Galaxy S2 handsets. Confusing stuff, indeed. Nonetheless, one thing is now sure: no Samsung Galaxy S2 handsets in the UK will have NFC. Period.

The news comes via Clove who spoke with a Samsung UK representative who confirmed the bad news.

Here’s the official line via Clove:

‘We have spoke again today to those in charge of UK distribution and have had it confirmed that UK stock will NOT feature NFC as standard. Also there will NOT be an NFC chip within the device so there will be no ‘software upgrade’ available in the future to enable this.’

Nevertheless, there are reports of Samsung shipping NFC-enabled devices in other markets.

So, if you’re desperate for an NFC-enabled Galaxy S2 you can always ship one in from abroad.



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