Galaxy S4 and 40 million tablet sales are Samsung’s priorities in 2013

News Richard Goodwin 17:06, 26 Feb 2013

Samsung says it’s going to be very aggressive when it comes to tablets and the Galaxy S4 in 2013

Samsung expects to ship 40 million tablet devices in 2013, according to one company exec. 

Now the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer, Samsung shifted record numbers of its Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 handsets throughout 2012. Up to now, its tablets – despite some strong releases - have yet to follow suit. 

In 2013, however, all this will change. According to CNET, Samsung is looking to double sales of its tablet devices in 2013. The company explained it was looking to get ‘very aggressive’ in the tablet space during the next 12 months. 

Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 8 at MWC 2013, the fourth addition to its growing arsenal of Note-brand devices. Like the original Note and the Note 2, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 has phone functionality, so it’s both a phone and a tablet, although we’d still call it a tablet – it’s bigger than the Nexus 7, after all. 

The use of the word aggressive by the Samsung exec is interesting as it could be applied to a whole myriad of things: marketing, pricing, or the size of its overall range of devices. Usually it’s applied to pricing in consumer electronics – you’d say the Nexus 4 is aggressively priced, for instance. 

Samsung will launch the Galaxy S4 on March 14, a device it’ll no doubt sell more than a few of during the next 18 months or so. 

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