MWC 2012: S4 dual core processor 'outperforms most quad core chips'

News Ben Griffin 14:25, 28 Feb 2012

Qualcomm has rubbished Nvidia's Tegra 3 chipset, saying that its dual core S4 will outperform most quad core chips

Qualcomm has gone on record to say its dual S4 processor will outperform quad core chips such as Nvidia's Tegra 3.

Rob Chandhok, Qualcomm senior vice president of software strategy, said at MWC 2012: 'It's a delicate thing to talk about one design being better than the other, so I'm going to leave you to decide whether four is better than two and whether size matters.'

'The S4 dual core outperforms most quad core chips - not because of one thing, but because of the overall systems approach. The S4 Pro MSM8960 processor featuring the Adreno 320 GPU that was announced yesterday will deliver four times better performance and set a new standard for the mobile space,' he added.

Chandhok definitely went from a balanced answer to sticking a big knife into Nvidia but some early benchmarking tests suggest Qualcomm might in fact be right on this one. We'll reserve our judgement for when we can give both systems a proper test.

Besides processing muscle, Chandhok said the S4 Pro will also be more energy efficient.

The S4 is being used in a number of devices, including the Asus Padfone and HTC's One S. Interestingly, the One S isn't a flagship device - that falls to the Tegra 3-powered One X.

Via: The Inquirer

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