Samsung launches new colours for Galaxy S3 Mini

News Paul Briden 12:07, 10 Jan 2013

Samsung expands Galaxy S3 Mini to include four more colour choices

Samsung has launched a range of new colour variants for its Galaxy S3 Mini, bringing the shrunken smartphone in-line with its full-size Galaxy S3 counterpart.

The colour range now includes Garnet Red, Titan Grey and Onyx Black as well as the regular Ceramic White and Pebble Blue variants.

Samsung has also insisted on bringing the delightful Amber Brown colour to the Galaxy S3 Mini too, just in case you needed a brown phone in your life. Yeah...

There’s no word on exactly when these colour variants will start showing up in shops and with networks, but if the Galaxy S3’s rollout was anything to go by it probably won’t take very long.

Check out our full review of the Galaxy S3 Mini here.

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Those are some cool colors..
But the black one is really outstanding..
Love it..

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