Samsung will sell 15 million Galaxy S3 phones in Q3 2012

News Paul Briden 12:03, 12 Jul 2012

JPMorgan has predicted Samsung will sell 15 million Galaxy S3 units in Q3 of 2012

Financial analysts at JPMorgan have revealedthey expect Samsung to sell as many as 15 million Galaxy S3 handsets between July and September this year.

The news comes alongside estimates that the South Korean manufacturer sold up to 6.5 million Galaxy S3s in the second quarter from April to June. JPMorgan’s figures mean Samsung may well sell around 20 million handsets in only six months, if the forecasts are accurate.

At the end of 2011 combined sales of the Galaxy S and Galaxy S2 handsets crossed the 30 million mark and now sits somewhere around 50 million.

Thanks to those devices paving the way for more widespread recognition of Samsung’s Galaxy S brand it looks as though the Galaxy S3 could achieve similar figures in a much shorter time-span this time round.

Earlier in July, Samsung itself predicted S3 sales would reach 19 million by Autumn 2012 following reported sales of seven million handsets not long after launch.

Such figures would indicate Samsung is rapidly catching up with its nearest rival, Apple’s iPhone, in terms of brand recognition, desirability and market penetration.

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