How to update your Samsung Galaxy S2 to Android Ice Cream Sandwich via Kies

User guides 16:57, 13 Mar 2012

This guide shows you how to get your Samsung Galaxy S2 up-to-date with Android Ice Cream Sandwich

If you've got a Samsung Galaxy S2 you'll probably want to get updated to Android Ice Cream Sandwich as soon as possible. To do that you'll need to have Samsung's Kies software installed on a computer - you can download this software from Samsung's official website.

Once Kies is installed, here's what to do:


  1. Launch the Samsung Kies program on your computer.
  2. Plug you Samsung Galaxy S2 handset into your computer via the supplied Micro USB to USB cable.
  3. You should now get a pop-up message on your computer screen about the new software version - click on the ‘Update' button to begin the update process. Note that if you don't get a pop-up there should be an option within Kies which reads ‘Firmware upgrade' - click this instead.
  4. Read the instructions if you wish, then check the ‘I have read all of the above information' box.
  5. Click ‘Start upgrade'.
  6. You'll have an option to backup your phone data at this point if you wish. You can either skip this step or check what data you want to backup then press ‘Continue'. If you choose to go through with a backup it will take a moment to do this, when complete press ‘Complete'.
  7. Now Kies will download the full update which may take some time - your phone will go into download mode during the process. Whatever you do, do not disconnect the handset!
  8.  When the update is complete a screen will show up saying ‘Firmware upgrade complete' and you can press OK to finish.
  9. Your phone should reboot itself and when it comes back on you'll have Ice Cream Sandwich.



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