Samsung Galaxy S III to be Samsung M with model number i9300?

News Clare Hopping 13:00, 30 Mar 2012

Details of the Samsung i9300 have been revealed, but is it the Galaxy S II, Samsung M or something completely new?

Details of the Samsung I9300 have been revealed, but which model will it be?

Rumours suggest this new device could be the Samsung Galaxy S III or maybe even the Samsung M without the Galaxy name at all.

The Samsung Galaxy S2's model number is the I9100. The Samsung Omnia W's model number is I8350. The naming conventions of Samsung devices would suggest this is an Android phone, but now GSMArena has added a mystery device into the mix - the Samsung M.

Does this mean Samsung is breaking away from its Galaxy naming convention?

Other details revealed by the site include new tech for the mystery device, such as an eye monitoring feature that keeps the display turned on if it sees you're looking at it.

There's also autodial, which will dial the number displayed on screen after you've read a text message and you move the phone to your ear.

The third feature is group photo face recognition. When you've taken a photo of your friends, for example, it will recognise the people in the picture and link them to your contact list, allowing you to email them the picture straight away.

It all sounds a little out there to us.

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