HTC One X vs Samsung Galaxy S III (Rumours)

Vs Paul Briden 13:07, 22 Mar 2012

We compare HTC's One X flagship to Samsung's forthcoming Galaxy S III

We pitch HTC's flagship, the One X, against Samsung's yet-to-be-announced premium Galaxy S III.

HTC One X - 134.4x69.9x8.9mm, 130g
Samsung Galaxy S III - 131.3x63.7x8mm, 126g

The HTC One X is a healthy step in the right direction for the Taiwanese manufacturer's design team as it's a much more attractive looking device than many of the generic looking handsets the company has produced in the past.

The bodywork has a much nicer shape than HTC's typical design, it's rounded but has a sort of tapered style. The improvements are much more noticeable on the white coloured model and this is one of the few phones, particularly from HTC, where white colouration actually improves the looks.

On the front of the handset, in the middle of the main bodyshell is a black, slightly chiselled panel which houses the screen and makes it look larger than it actually is. This also means the main bodywork only shows as a thin bezel around the edge and looks very contemporary.

Samsung's design of the Galaxy S III isn't necessarily finalised yet, but tantalising leaked shots, which may or may not be genuine, show something which takes enough inspiration from its predecessor but puts an interesting new spin on it too.

On the face of things, the Galaxy S III appears to have similar proportions and an overall shape not at all unlike its predecessor, which is a very good thing in our view.

However, like HTC, Samsung has also gone with an increasingly popular two-tone colouration, the leaked pictures shows a raised and rounded bezel around the outside of the screen, into which the front panel and screen are slightly recessed.

This bezel looks to be a sort of glossy charcoal grey colour which should compliment both white and black variations of the phone. In the white variant shown so far there's only a relatively small strip of white bodywork at the top and bottom of the device's front and a tiny sliver at the sides, while the entire back panel looks to be white too.

In terms of size both these devices are pretty much the same, which is quite large and, as we mentioned similar to the Galaxy S2. We've heard some people say the Galaxy S2 was a bit too large in the hand so it does depend on your preference for smaller or larger handsets.

We actually think both phone here look equally good.

Winner - Draw

Being similar sized phones each device here has the same sized 4.7-inch multi-touch display. Samsung is expected to use its own technology, as usual, with a Super AMOLED Plus capacitive display reinforced with Gorilla Glass and toting a 1280x720 pixel resolution. This should give a suitably beefy pixel density of 312 pixels-per-inch (ppi).

HTC's One X has pretty much the same setup, although it uses a Super IPS LCD2 in place of Samsung's AMOLED. The resulting picture quality should be comparable and we think these devices are fairly evenly matched on screen tech.

Winner - Draw

The One X comes in only one storage variant but at 32GB it's not exactly short on space. Sadly, it has no micro SD slot for bumping this up via card storage. On the RAM front it has 1GB.

Samsung's Galaxy S III is expected to have the same options as its predecessor, which would mean both 16GB and 32GB variants. Either option should also have micro SD card capability for up to an additional 32GB. 1GB of RAM seems like a safe bet.

With all this in mind it looks as though Samsung's handset will have the edge thanks to the addition of card support.

Winner - Samsung Galaxy S III

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