Samsung begins Android Jelly Bean rollout for Galaxy Note 10.1

News Paul Briden 08:33, 9 Nov 2012

Samsung is updating its Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, starting in Germany

Fans of the stylus-driven Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet are in for a treat very soon, as Samsung has begun its rollout of Google’s Jelly Bean 4.1Android build for the device.

Currently the rollout has started hitting devices in Germany over-the-air (OTA) with a hefty 300MB patch.

Reports from tech sites in Germany say the performance is improved considerably, no doubt partly due to the Butter UI, and many of the new S-Pen features from the smaller sibling, the Galaxy Note 2, are now present.

You’ll get some features from the Galaxy S3 too, including Pop Up Play windowed video and a selection of ‘Mini Apps’ for commonly used tools such as the calculator.

Jelly Bean will also introduce Google Now, a service which combines Google search functionality with voice control, location services, weather and transport reports and push notifications.

Access Google Now and it’ll pick up your location, tell you the weather, tell you about nearby restaurants and what the traffic situation is. It’ll even learn your route to work and tell you about the state of play ahead of time. The voice element is also stronger than Apple’s Siri, in our experience.

It’s quite normal for updates from Samsung to be carried out in stages, region-by-region, across Europe. Previously the Galaxy S3 saw a Jelly Bean update hitting Poland and other parts of Eastern Europe first before landing in the UK a few weeks later.

We reckon UK users of the Galaxy Note 10.1 will see the Jelly Bean update in the next couple of weeks at most, but feasibly there may only be days to wait.

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