Android Jelly Bean hitting Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy S2 very soon

News Richard Goodwin 16:18, 7 Nov 2012

The Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy S2 will get updated to Android Jelly Bean before the close of the year, according to reports

Samsung is reportedly in the process of finalising the Android Jelly Bean update for its original Galaxy Note and Galaxy S2 devices

Samsung, according to Pocket Now, will likely skip over Android 4.1.1 and go straight to Android 4.1.2 when it updates the two handsets, which it claims will happen this quarter.

So that’s good news for anyone that’s currently locked into a two-year contract on either of these still thoroughly excellent devices.  

Samsung recently updated its Galaxy S3 to Jelly Bean, introducing Google’s butter UI and its highly advanced search feature Google Now. 

Samsung has yet to confirm a solid rollout schedule for Android 4.2, or what handsets will be getting it. But initial chatter from in the company suggests it will be made available at some point during Q1 2013. 

Whether or not the original Galaxy Note and Galaxy S2 will receive Android 4.2 remains to be seen.

Personally we can’t see it happening as both handsets will be pushing the two-year mark by then, meaning Android 4.1.2 is likely to be the last official update either device will get

Still, two year’s worth of updates isn’t bad. 

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