Best Samsung Galaxy Note 2 apps

Features Basil Kronfli 11:16, 2 Jan 2013

A phone’s only as good as its best app these days, so it’s a good thing the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has oodles of great ones

The best apps for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 aren't always the ones that run all four cores to max capacity, they're the ones we've found indispensable since we got our mitts on Samsung's over-sized phablet.

Greader Pro

The first is a Google Reader client that takes full advantage of the generous screen on the Note 2. Greader Pro pulls all your RSS feeds into a clean, simple interface that's responsive and customisable.

There are a number of highlights here, the first being the widget. A large, scrollable widget displaying your feeds can be placed on your homescreen, auto-updating so you always know what's going on in your Google Reader world without even opening the app.

When open, the app also has a horizontal split screen view which looks perfect on the Note 2's 5.5-inch screen. All in all therefore, anyone who needs to be on top of their updates won't be better served than with Greader Pro.

Google Play Magazines

Google's own suite of applications include Google Play Magazines. This new addition to the UK looks immense on the Note 2. There are free and paid magazines, with the option to subscribe to your favourite with just a few taps.

Once subscribed, the app will alert you of new issues and even let you download them for offline viewing. What makes it all an absolute no-brainer is a 30 day free trial to every magazine on offer, this means hundreds of pounds of magazine content for free.

As for the actual reading experience, it all runs smoothly and looks great. We would have liked to see a few more options in there, but Google's decision to keep it simple means anyone can pick up and thumb through Google Play Magazines without breaking a sweat.


If you dig your movies, you're not going to get much better value for money than Netflix. For just £5.99 per month, the app gives you access to a huge amount of video content in the form of movies, documentaries and TV series.

The app looks incredible on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2's HD Super AMOLED display. Not only is the interface clean and a pleasure to swipe through, the actual movie playback is impeccable quality even over a 3G connection.

The service also works across devices, so you can have it on your computer, tablet, Note 2 and Smart TV.


As with Greader Pro, Pocketcasts helps you stay on top of your field - specifically by delivering podcasts to your Note 2. We've tried a number of podcast apps in the past, but Pockecast came out on top thanks to its attractive UI and ease of use.

Supporting both audio and video podcasts, the app is extremely customisable, letting you auto-delete old content and auto-download the latest episodes. A standout point is the Note 2's beautiful display which makes HD video podcasts look perfect.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 2's gallery suffers from a hefty amount of slowdown for one reason or another. This is in spite of the fact that it manages to plough through the most hardcore 3D games out there. Thankfully though, this is Android and a new gallery app is just a Google Play download away.

Quickpic is our photo manager of choice thanks to its simple UI and snappy performance. Images are presented in sizeable squares and the look and feel of the UI is customisable to boot.


If you're lucky enough to have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 then the Sketchbook app from AutoDesk is the perfect companion. Loaded with brushes, layers, effects and controls galore, it gives you everything you need to create a mobile masterpiece on the go.

The app has also been updated to include pressure sensitivity and the ability to only register pen input, so you needn't worry if your hand leans on the screen as you draw.


Spotify opens you up to a huge amount of music on the go. Typically associated with streaming, the Android app also gives Spotify members the ability to download a music to their handsets, making for easy listening whether you have internet or not.

This may cost £10 per month or thereabouts, but when you think about the quantity of music you're getting and the ease with which you can get it, it'll likely be ten of the best spent pounds you ever part with.


We could have opted for a 3D game like Wildblood or Asphalt 7, but those aren't the games that have been sucking dry our every waking gaming moment. No, the dark, twisted and altogether wrong Plague is our game of choice.

The premise of Plague is as follows: you have to cultivate a virus, infect the entire population of the world and make it lethal enough to eradicate everyone. What makes Plague so addictive is the strategy element and ability to earn different infectious diseases.

We're aware that this doesn't sound all that appealing, but give it a go. The app is free on the Google Play Store with a paid version unlocking a couple of perks.


Our penultimate application of choice on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is PressReader. This is the daddy of newspaper apps with a huge selection of content available across a range of countries. It is a paid application, but there's a 24 hour trial with your first install so there's very little reason not to try it out.

Thanks to the Note 2's processor and screen, thumbing through newspapers is silky smooth, text is crisp and the overall experience looks great.


If you've got a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, you should definitely check out Kabbee. It's the cab service application that compares prices of journeys delivering the cheapest to your phone. You then book your journey and get a call and text letting you know your carriage awaits - perfect for late nights and stranded moments.

It's also convenient, letting you pay for journeys by card, cash, or with your Kabbee account. You can either top this up online at your computer or on your phone, so wherever you are and whatever your preference, chances are if you ever use cabs, Kabbee can make your life easier.

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