Samsung Galaxy Nexus with new 1.5GHz CPU on its way?

News Richard Goodwin 08:30, 31 Jan 2012

Is Samsung about to launch a rebooted Galaxy Nexus handset with an improved 1.5GHz TI OMAP4470 CPU?

Is the Samsung Galaxy Nexus about to get rebooted with a faster processor and better GPU?

According to reports this morning it is – and the new chipset is said to be none other than Texas Instruments’ supercharged OMAP4470.

The news comes via Android and Me, which reports that ‘a recent benchmark score spotted on the Nenamark site shows a Galaxy Nexus featuring a PowerVR SGX544 graphics processor,’ which is the very same one confirmed for Texas Instruments’ up-and-coming OMAP4470 chipset, which can run at speeds of 1.8GHz, uses.

The original, or current, Samsung Galaxy Nexus uses the TI OMAP4460 chipset, which has been underclocked from 1.5GHz to 1.2GHz. So by this logic surely Samsung could underclock the OMAP 4470 down to 1.5GHz from 1.8GHz in the new Galaxy Nexus handset?

Either that or it could just leave it alone when it launches and give its users full access to the processing power embodied by Texas’ finest.

‘While it’s true this result could have been spoofed,’ says Android and Me, ‘we have seen evidence of a Galaxy Nexus with a different processor speed before in a leaked ad for Sprint.’

Will we see this rebooted Galaxy Nexus at MWC 2012? Or will it be a US exclusive? We don’t know – and Samsung does not comment on rumour. So we'll just have to wait to find out about this one.

Still a faster Samsung Galaxy Nexus handset is certainly a nice thought on a cold winter’s morning.


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