Setting up and using email on the Samsung Blade S5600

User guides 14:20, 19 Oct 2009

Take a few minutes out of your day to make your life easier with this user guide on how to set up email on your Samsung Blade

The Samsung Blade S5600 is only a mid-range device it's perfectly well equipped to handle your regular email. You can receive messages from your normal accounts, reply to messages, forward email, as well as compose new messages, adding attachments, if you wish to do so.

It's easy to set up, with a Wizard to guide you through the essentials for tapping in account details. You can input details for POP3 email accounts, which covers most web-based email and accounts from internet service providers.

You'll need a few extra details, alongside your email address and password (see below), though you may be able to find them on the Know Your Mobile list here. Alternatively, you can get them from your email provider - they'll usually be available on their websites.

Its quick to set up and use - and whether you're a regular email-checker or just want to keep tabs on your email account now and again, it's an extremely useful feature to have to hand.

Details you'll need...

Email address - Your full email address.

Password - Your usual email password

Incoming (POP3) server - If it's not in our table of server settings, your email provider will be able to supply this and you'll usually find their details on their website

Outgoing (SMTP) server - This will depend on which mobile phone network you use. See our table of server settings for details.


Setting up email

  1. From the home screen press Menu button in the bottom right hand corner of the display (Figure 1).
  2. In the main menu press Messages (Figure 2)
  3. Press Email inbox (Figure 3).
  4. The email setup Wizard appears (Figure 4). Press OK.
  5. Press the blank Account name panel onscreen (Figure 5).
  6. Now use the slider numberpad or virtual onscreen touch keypad to type in the account name you want to use (Figure 6). Press Next.
  7. In the blank Enter email address panel type in your full email address (Figure 7).
  8. Press the blank Enter password panel. Type in your email account password (Figure 8). Press Next.
  9. Press the blank Incoming server panel. Type in the address of the POP3 incoming server for your email account (Figure 9). You can find details listed here, or get them from your email provider (you should be able to find them on its website).
  10. Scroll down the page by sliding your finger up the screen until you see the blank Outgoing server (SMTP) panel. Press the panel. Type in the details of your outgoing server (Figure 10). This will depend on which mobile phone network you use. See our table of server settings for details.
  11. Press Next.
  12. A message appears confirming that you have created the email account successfully (Figure 11). Press OK.
  13. Your account name appears in your email accounts list (Figure 12). Press Download to connect to your email account and download message details.
  14. After a few moments, the phone will connect and start downloading message headers with senders' details. A message appears confirming that downloads have been completed (Figure 13). Press OK.
  15. Press your account name to select. (Figure 14). You can now scroll through your email inbox by swiping with your finger (Figure 15).
  16. Press any email you want to look at and details of the subject sender, etc., will open up onscreen (Figure 16).
  17. To see the full message, press Retrieve (Figure 17). The full message will be downloaded. You can also download and view attachments, thanks to the Tocco Ultra Edition's onboard document viewer software.
  18. You can now reply to messages by pressing Reply to or forward them to others by pressing the More button on the display. A list of options appears (Figure 18). Press the one you want to use and compose the email using the numberpad or virtual keypad onscreen.

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