How to set-up email on the Samsung Galaxy S

User guides 11:59, 5 Jul 2010

We show you how to set-up email on the Samsung Galaxy S

If you’ve got a smartphone, chances are you’ll have an email account too. And, as you’d expect, the Samsung Galaxy S has email support for every major email client – so, Google Mail, Yahoo!, Windows Live, Hotmail, Exchange.

Follow these steps to set-up email on your Galaxy S:

  1. Go into Applications List and Select Email.
  2. Enter your email and password.
  3. Now you have two options: 1. General Accounts, like Google Mail and 2. For Manual Set-up, which covers business server emails, like Exchange.
  4. For Option 1, simply follow the on-screen instructions and you’ll be done in a matter of minutes.
  5. For Option 2, we’d strongly recommend speaking to the IT guy at your office. They’ll be able to get you registered and receiving email in no time at all.

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