Setting up and using email on the Samsung Galaxy Portal i5700

User guides 15:33, 25 May 2010

Use your regular email accounts for sending and receiving email on the Samsung Galaxy Portal - we show you how

As a neatly-featured smartphone powered by Google's Android platform, the Samsung Galaxy Portal i5700 is well geared up for handling email and other communications. It has high-speed data connectivity - using Wi-Fi and HSDPA  high-speed mobile data - and the phone comes with two email applications pre-loaded.

Both email apps are easy to set up and offer swift and easy email access; one is for Google Mail and the other caters for your other regular email accounts that you might want to use on the phone.

Setting up the apps is similar, although when setting up for Google Mail the phone will automatically synchronise contacts and other data between your Google account and the Galaxy Portal. The other email app will enable you to easily set up email from a wide variety of accounts including web-based email, and accounts supplied by your internet service provider.

Here's how to set up email...


Setting up Google Mail

  1. From the home screen, press the Menu bar tab at the bottom of the display (Figure 1).
  2. The Main Menu opens (Figure 2). Press the Google Mail icon.
  3. A Google account set-up menu appears (Figure 3). Press Next.
  4. You can now choose to either use your existing Google Mail account or create a new one (Figure 4). Press the option you require.
  5. If you're signing into an exiting Google Account, a screen appears displaying panels for the account user name and password (Figure 5).
  6. Press the User name panel to bring up the soft keyboard (Figure 6).
  7. Type in your account user name and then press Next (at the bottom of the keyboard) (Figure 7).
  8. Type in your password (Figure 8). Press Done.
  9. Press Sign in (Figure 9).
  10. Your account will be set up on the phone and your email account is synced. Once set up, you can access your Google Mail email account by pressing Google Mail in the Main Menu (Figure 2).


Setting up other email accounts

  1. To set up another non-Google email account, in the Main Menu (Figure 2), press Email.
  2. A welcome message appears (Figure 10). Press Next.
  3. Email address and password panels appear (Figure 11).
  4. As above, Press the Account email address panel to bring up the soft keyboard and type in your email account address (Figure 12). Press Next.
  5. Type in your email account password (Figure 13). Press Done.
  6. Press Next (Figure 14).
  7. A message appears prompting you to enable POP3 email access for your account (Figure 15). Press OK.
  8. In a few moments your email account will be set up. You can give your email account a name and enter the name you want to use for outgoing email messages (Figure 16). Press the appropriate panel and type in as before. Press Done.
  9. Your email messages are loaded and are displayed onscreen (Figure 17).
  10. Scroll down to view your emails and press an email message header to get the full message (Figure 18).
  11. Options appear onscreen to reply to email or to delete. Press the Menu button beneath the display (on the left) to get more desktop-style email options (Figure 19).
  12. In the main email list, you can also get more options by pressing the Menu button beneath the display (Figure 20). 
  13. One of these options is to Compose. Press Compose to generate a new email. Fill in the appropriate areas by pressing and typing with the soft keyboard (Figure 21). You can add attachments if you wish.
  14. Press the Back button (under the display, to the right) to hide the keyboard so that you can read your completed email. When you're ready, press Send (Figure 22).

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