How to get the best out of your Samsung Galaxy Note’s battery

User guides 12:22, 3 Aug 2012

Check out our tips for saving some juice with your Samsung Galaxy Note

The Samsung Galaxy Note is a big-screened beauty, but that large, luscious display comes at a premium - namely that the device chews through battery like a shot-putter at a buffet. Thankfully there are a few ways in which you can improve your device's longevity, allowing you to enjoy your phablet for longer, so read on if you want to get the very best out of your Galaxy Note.

Manage what's running

As with all Android devices, you'll find that your Samsung Galaxy Note starts-up with everything chugging away at once, but let's be honest, you don't often need your Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and mobile data running simultaneously, do you?

Keep an eye on what's running on your device. Turn off Bluetooth and GPS until you need them and use the device's power management widget to keep either your Wi-Fi or your cellular data switched off when the other's in use.

Big Screen = Big Drain

The Samsung Galaxy Note's 5.3-inch Super AMOLED display is a thing of beauty but unless you're immersed in some HD gaming fun or watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones you're hardly going to need the screen to be on 100% brightness.

Tone the brightness down to around 50% and you'll notice some worthwhile returns in your device's battery life. Also, try decreasing the screen's timeout to buy yourself some more uptime.

In a pinch, skip the family photo

The Galaxy Note's 8-megapixel camera is a top performer and the device's secondary 2-megapixel offering is no slouch either, but with all the accoutrements and the LED flash they do represent a massive drain on the device's cell.

If your battery is running low try and avoid using the camera - and if you have to ensure that the LED flash is switched off!

Avoid the eye-candy

Live Wallpapers are great for showing off your Galaxy Note's capabilities but they are a huge drain on the device's battery. Stick to a plain background to see some improvements, or better still whack a grey or black plain image on the device to see some real results.

Also, while great for keeping up with the latest news and social networking info, widgets represent another major drain on your battery. Keep them to a minimum unless you want to play ‘hunt the USB port' half-way through the day.

Li-ion batteries: treat them with love and they'll return the favour

The Galaxy Note features a fantastic 2500mAh Li-ion cell which, if treated right, will give you hours and hours of fun times on your phablet.

It's important to remember that they don't like being discharged though, so keep your Galaxy Note topped up wherever possible and don't let your device get below 5% power too often, or your battery will start to degrade.

Also, if you're unboxing your Galaxy Note for the first time - charge it! A Li-ion battery doesn't need to be exhausted before it's charged the first time out!


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