Guide: How to use the S Pen stylus on the Samsung Galaxy Note

User guides 16:19, 19 Jan 2012

This tutorial will explain how to use the Galaxy Note's S Pen shortcuts and gestures

The Samsung Galaxy Note comes with its own stylus, called the S Pen, which can be used for a number of tasks from note-taking to drawing artwork, editing photos and creating presentations.

As well as having precise pressure-sensitive control the S Pen also has a number of integrated shortcut controls hardwired into the Samsung user interface.

Most of these shortcuts revolve around the small button mounted on top of the S Pen stylus, in many cases you have to tap this button first before making a gesture on screen.

How to open an ‘S Memo'
The S Memo feature allows you to quickly open a note screen which you can write information or draw onto. You can also link these notes together to effectively create a ‘scrapbook'.

The S Memo window can be called up quickly using a shortcut.

  1. Press the pen button.
  2. Double tap anywhere on the Galaxy Note screen. The note will pop-up over whatever you're currently viewing.

Note that you can hold press outside the note to go back to your current activity and releasing the hold press will return you to the note. This is ideal for taking quick reference notes from websites or video streams.

How to use the Menu shortcut

  1. Press the pen button.
  2. Swipe upwards on the touchscreen.

The menu screen will come up from the bottom of the display.

How to use the ‘Cancel' shortcut

  1. Press the pen button.
  2. Swipe the across the screen from right to left. This will cancel whatever you were doing.

How to use the screenshot shortcut

  1. Press the pen button
  2. Hold press on the screen with the pen. Wait until the screenshot saved message appears.

You can then edit the image which allows you to crop, draw or make notes on it.


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