Guide: How to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy Note

User guides 15:44, 19 Jan 2012

We show you how to take screenshots on the Samsung Galaxy Note

Sometimes you might want to take a screenshot of whatever is on your phones screen. Android supports screenshot functionality on the Samsung Galaxy Note. There are two ways to take screenshots on the Galaxy Note.

  • The first way involves simply holding down the Home and Power buttons simultaneously until you see a message saying the screenshot has been saved.
  • The second method requires the use of the included S Pen stylus which comes with the device:
  1. The pen has a button on top of it - click the pen button once.
  2. Long press the screen until you see the screenshot saved message.

You will also be able to edit the screenshot with the S Pen at this stage - you can do things like cropping the image, draw over it or write notes over the top.


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It doesnt work forine

Thanks works a treat!

Doesn't work

is it possible to save screenshots to SD card instead of phone..??

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