How to change your Samsung Galaxy Nexus’ Bluetooth name

User guides 11:24, 27 Sep 2012

If you use Bluetooth on your Galaxy Nexus often, you might want to rename your phone's Bluetooth name. We show you how

Mobile manufacturers are always coming up with new ways to add connectivity to their devices and if you use a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, you’ll know that your options are varied.

However, one stalwart on the connectivity front is Bluetooth.

If you use your Bluetooth a lot to connect to headsets, car audio, or simply to share data with your mates, you may want to give your device a unique name so that when others search for you, it’s obvious who they’re sending data to.

Here’s how:


  1. From your Homescreen, hit ‘Apps’
  2. From here, find and press ‘Settings’
  3. Hit ‘Wireless Networks’
  4. Touch ‘Bluetooth’
  5. Touch the ‘Menu’ icon
  6. Choose ‘Rename Phone’
  7. Type in your chosen name e.g: Joe Bloggs’ Galaxy Nexus
  8. Tap ‘Rename’


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