Guide: How to take a picture with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus

User guides 15:51, 28 Nov 2011

We guide you through the process of taking pictures with your voice from your Galaxy Nexus

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus features a pretty impressive 5-megapixel camera, fully equipped with a range of handy options.

We show you how to take the best pictures possible on your Samsung Galaxy Nexus:

  1. The Galaxy Nexus doesn't have a dedicated camera button, so you will need to navigate to the home screen or find the option.
  2. This can be done via settings and look for camera or by default camera is located on the middle home screen.
  3. Press the button and you are in camera mode.
  4. Once you have framed your subject, you then press your finger on the screen. This will take a picture.
  5. As you will see, there are other options to be used. You can manually force the flash to turn on and even adjust the quality of an image if you wish to save storage space.
  6. You can even adjust the iso number - all the options can be found under settings.
  7. Once you've adjusted your settings, simply press back to get back to the camera mode and again, just press the screen to take a piccy.
  8. The Galaxy Nexus has a front-facing camera. Simply press the arrow button to switch between the two.

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