Guide: How to send text messages with your voice on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus

User guides 14:56, 28 Nov 2011

We guide you through the process of sending text messages with your voice from your Samsung Galaxy Nexus

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the first phone launched on Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich represents the latest update to come from the Google stable. It's less cluttered, smoother but just as customisable as before, making it perfect for those who like things just as they choose.

Although Android doesn't have Siri, it does have an equivalent, which we will show you how to use today.

  1. Go to your home screen or wherever you have put messaging. If it's not shortcutted, you can find messaging under settings.
  2. Select compose message to start writing your message.
  3. Now press the microphone button in the bottom left corner.
  4. Once pressed, you can now record your message. Speak as clearly as you can to avoid it getting confused or writing words you didn't actually say.
  5. Once finished, probably worth looking over the text to see if any mistakes were made.
  6. Now choose who to send it to (if you hadn't already) and press send. You can't send a message by voice, if you were interested.

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