Setting up speed dial on the Samsung G600

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Call your eight favourite people at the touch of a button. The Samsung G600's Speed dial function is quick and easy to set up

Speed dialling on the Samsung G600 couldn't be easier. You can assign the numbers 2-9 to your contacts so that rather than searching for them in the contacts list, you just hold down the assigned number on the keypad and the G600 will start the call within half a second.

To assign a number to a contact, from standby mode:

  • Click Menu
  • Highlight Phonebook and click Select (Figure 1)
  • Highlight Speed dial and click Select or press 5 (Figure 2)
  • On the Speed dial grid, use the nav keys to highlight the keypad number you want to assign to a contact (see Figure 3), and click the centre selection key.
  • Your contacts list will open. Highlight the contact you want to assign the speed dial number to and click the centre selection key (Figure 4).
  • You'll see the message saved and you'll be returned to the Speed dial grid screen. Your contact's name will now be alongside their assigned speed dial in the relevant box (Figure 5).
  • Click the red End call key once to return to standby mode. Now when you hold down the assigned number, your call will begin.

Editing speed dials
To change a speed dial number, go back to the Speed dial grid (Menu, Phonebook, Speed dial) and highlight the number square you want to edit.

Click Options and select Change or press 2. When the pop-up menu appears, press 1 for Phonebook. You'll be taken to your contacts list.

Again, highlight the contact you want to assign the speed dial number to and click the centre nav key, and click the red End call key once to return to standby mode.

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I have a new G600 mobile phone. I cannot set up Speed Dial. I enter the menu as instructed but there is no options text on the screen. I follow the above instructions but it won't move to the contacts list. Help please?

to dollykay, what you have to do is to get the contact you want to put onto speed dial, go onto view and then in the menu after going onto view go to no. 3 or copythen click on sim you then get to choose the location that you want that contact on on speed dial. you will have to delete the ones that are already preset (these will be the ones where there are 2 entries for these one on the sim card and one on the phone)- the one that you will have to delete will be the ones on the sim card &#13
but also i find that i have had to redo it a couple of times because sometimes it never seems to stay (if you dnt delete the ones preset on speed dial on the sim card then you will have to keep redoing a lot more).

*at the beginning of that comment i had meant to say get the contact that you want to put on speed dial in contacts*

very easy when you know how!&#13
got the answer I needed. I went onto another site first and they wanted to know how much I would be willing to pay for the answer! Thank you

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