Changing My menu on the Samsung G600

User guides 16:20, 29 Oct 2007

Get one-click access to your favourite functions on the Samsung G600 - edit the My menu options accessible from standby mode

Pressing the Up navigation key in standby mode calls up the G600's My menu - five shortcuts to commonly used features.

By default, the five are My messages, Alarm, My files, Calculator and My menu, but these can be changed so that My menu includes your personal favourites.

To change a My menu option, from standby mode, click Menu, highlight Phone settings and click Select.

Highlight My menu and click Select (or just press 7)

My menu will appear on the screen. Select a shortcut to change using the left and right nav keys, then press Options.

Highlight Change and click Select. The list of available shortcut options will appear. Use the up and down nav keys to highlight the option you want, and click Save.

The My menu preview will now show your new shortcut in its new position. Change as many shortcuts as you like by following the steps above, and when you're finished, click the red End call key to return to standby mode.

Next time your click the Up nav key in standby mode, you'll see your My menu with the new shortcuts in place.

For more one-click access to your favourite functions, why not edit your navigation shortcuts

Note: there is no way of changing the softkeys on the Samsung G600, these are locked to Menu and Contacts.

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