How to use Bluetooth on the Samsung Tocco Lite

User guides 19:28, 26 Dec 2009

We show you how to set up your Samsung Tocco Lite's Bluetooth facility

Using the Samsung Tocco Lite's Bluetooth facility, you can connect the touchscreen phone wirelessly to and communicate with a wide selection of other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

You can use the Tocco Lite's Bluetooth for wirefree handsfree headsets or wireless in-car kits, or to send or receive images, music or other files from a phone or computer. You can hook up cableless stereo headphones or speakers, print images on Bluetooth enabled printers, transfer files, exchange vCards with other devices, and more. 

And like other Bluetooth gadgets, the Tocco Lite's Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect to nearby devices (usually within a 10 metre radius) wirelessly without direct line-of-sight view - unlike infrared.

Activating Bluetooth
Setting up the Samsung Tocco Lite to use Bluetooth is straightforward and quick to do.

  1. From the standby screen, press the onscreen Menu button (Figure 1).
  2. In the main Menu, press the Bluetooth icon (Figure 2).
  3. You are now taken into the Bluetooth application. Press Activate to switch Bluetooth on (Figure 3).
  4. Once activated, a message automatically pops up on screen informing you that the Tocco Lite is searching for other nearby Bluetooth-enabled devices. Any Bluetooth-equipped devices in range that have been set up to be visible to other Bluetooth devices will now appear onscreen in circles, with their Bluetooth 'names' beneath (Figure 4).

Bluetooth is now active and you will be able to communicate with other Bluetooth-enabled devices. There are other settings, however, that you you may want to adjust, depending on how you would like to use Bluetooth (see below).

Switching off Bluetooth
Bluetooth will remain active until you want to switch it off. After you have finished using Bluetooth you may want to turn off Bluetooth to save power.

To deactivate Bluetooth, follow the above procedure to get to the Bluetooth screen (Figure 4).

Press Settings, then tap the Activation panel to highlight it (Figure 5). Press the panel again to change 'On' to 'Off' (Figure 6). Press the Save button.

Adjusting basic Bluetooth settings
Out of the box, other mobile users searching with Bluetooth won't be able to 'see' your phone until you switch on its visibility.

You may or may not want to do this; by leaving visibility off, you prevent unwanted communication from other devices - although you should be alerted onscreen if any files are sent to your phone or anyone is trying to access it in any way via Bluetooth.

When you are working with other devices, such as pairing with a headset or sending files to your phone, you may want to make it visible and easily identifiable (in case several Bluetooth devices are in the vicinity). In the Tocco's Bluetooth settings, you can 'name' your phone and change it's visibility status quickly and easily.

Changing your Tocco's Bluetooth name
You can change the name of your Tocco Lite from the default setting to something more memorable.

  1. In the Bluetooth screen (Figure 4), press Settings. In the Settings menu, highlight the My phone's name panel, and press (Figure 7).
  2. The virtual numberpad will appear onscreen. You can use this to change the name of your phone to anything you want - your name, nickname, phone name or something more quirky (Figure 8) (bear in mind, when your phone's visibility is switched on, this will appear to anyone who does a search when you're within Bluetooth range). 
  3. When you've typed in the name, press OK. You are returned to the Bluetooth settings menu (Figure 9). Press Save to store this change.

Making your Tocco visible to other Bluetooth devices
You may want your phone to be visible to other Bluetooth-enabled device users - for example, if you want to transfer a file from a computer, or someone wants to send you an image from their phone via Bluetooth. Again, this is simple.

  1. In the Bluetooth settings menu (Figure 7), tap the My phone's visibility panel to highlight it. If the setting is 'Off' (Figure 10), press to change the setting to 'On'. Press Save (Figure 11).
  2. If you then want to switch your visibility back to Off, get to the Bluetooth settings menu, as above. Tap the My phone's visibility panel to highlight it. Another tap will switch it back from 'On' to 'Off'. Press Save.

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