Samsung Bada phone shots released

News Andrew Williams 11:17, 12 Nov 2009

Samsung's first Bada-powered device has been leaked in photo form - it would appear to be a style-conscious touchscreen device

The first Samsung phone to use the open source Bada operating system has appeared in photo form online.

While we’re yet to have our own hands-on with Samsung’s new Android alternative, we’re already intrigued. Bada could well end up forming the backbone of the manufacturer’s future line-up.

Following on from the widespread adoption of the Android operating system, several smartphone players are branching out into alternate, open source interfaces, as we saw with the Vodafone 360 H1 – a phone also made by Samsung.

We have virtually no specification details on the new Bada-powered Samsung at present, but the image of the phone spotted over at GSM Helpdesk reveal a few pointers.

It would appear to be a large touchscreen device, with touch sensitive panels taking the place of buttons below this screen. Oddly, there’s no camera on the phone’s front, suggesting that either it’s a low or mid-range device – or perhaps just one that takes its styling very seriously.

We’ll let you know more on Bada and this first Samsung effort as info surfaces. Early reports suggest it’ll be hitting shelves in early 2010.

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