Smartphone Show 08: Samsung's future

News 13:05, 21 Oct 2008

Medical applications on mobile, flexible screens and a focus on developing apps are all things Samsung is looking at for the future of mobile phones

Samsung's i8510 was the first 8-megapixel Symbian-based handset, so it's no surprise that there are more ideas up the Korean manufacturer's sleeve.

Samsung has predicted that handsets in the future will be able to measure blood pressure, blood sugar levels, feature flexible touchscreens and use the body as a way to transfer data from device device.

Ho-Soo Lee, executive vice president of Mobile Solutions at Samsung says that these will only be a few of the features to appear on mobiles in the future.

Another innovation is Samsung's Free play, which will allow the high definition experience you see on your TV to be streamed around your home across all portable media devices. Free Play will allow video to be streamed using MP3 players, mobiles phones or anything else that is portable and able to play video.

Lee says that Samsung is ideally positioned to be leader in this space, because unlike other manufacturers it is able to concentrate on connectivity thanks to its huge range of products across laptops, MP3 players and TVs.

Samsung has also launched its Mobile Innovator website which will 'allow Samsung to have closer relationship with developers,' says Lee.

The Mobile Innovator website lets anyone to sign up and create applications for Symbian-based Samsung handsets. It provides access to current handsets for development and testing of applications, and is able to verify the application functionality. It will save cost and time and increase productivity for developers. It will also give you exclusive access to prototype devices for testing too.

Like the Apple ???, once aplication is developed, helps to accelerate ideas, and allows you to sell applications and services on Samsung devices.

Keep watching to see all of the gossip from the Symbian Smartphone Show 08.

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