How to add contacts to your Samsung Galaxy Note 2

User guides Basil Kronfli 14:40, 17 Dec 2012

The Samsung Galaxy Note is a phone at heart, despite its larger than life display and quad-core power, so here's a quick guide to creating a contact on your Samsung Galaxy Note 2

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Note range came to popularity thanks to their initial marketing as a business tool - and understandably so. Not only does the Note 2 sport a hefty display and a fantastic calendar app, it also houses an S Pen for note taking on the go. With so much inside though, sometimes the simplest things don't always seem immediately obvious such as adding a contact.

How to create a contact on your Samsung Galaxy Note 2

There are a number of ways to add a contact to your Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The first is simply dialing the number and saving it. To do this, open your dialler - located in the bottom left of your homescreen. Dial the number of the person you wish to add, then press menu (the button to the left of your home button).

Select 'Add to contacts', then choose 'Create contact' from your options. Here you can add the name and other details pertaining to your contact, including address, email address and photo.

The second way of adding your contact is by jumping straight into your contacts app. The app is by default a shortcut on your homescreen, but is also accessible through the applications list. When in the app, you'll notice a search bar in the upper portion of the screen. To the right of it is a plus icon, tap that and you can enter your new contact's information.

You can also save a contact directly from a text message or call log. To do so from a text message, just long press the number and this will pull down an option 'Add to contacts'.

Finally, when in a text message, you can add a recipient to your phonebook by pressing menu. This will pull the same 'Add to contacts' option we've covered before and you can input details.

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