How to enable Smart Stay on your Samsung Galaxy Note 2

User guides Basil Kronfli 14:30, 17 Dec 2012

Smart Stay is the smart tech from Samsung that enables your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 screen to stay on the entire while you're looking at your phone

If you've seen adverts on TV for the Samsung Galaxy S3, you may well have been made aware of some impressive marketing around a tech called Smart Stay. This is one of Samsung's many features that makes Samsung phones stand out from the crowd and you'll be glad to know it's available on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

What is Smart Stay?

Smart Stay enables a Samsung smartphone to keep the screen on while you're looking at it. This prevents it from going to sleep and dimming the screen saving you having to worry about tapping your screen every 30 seconds. 

If you're not looking at your phone, Smart Stay also switches off your screen saving battery in the process.

How does Smart Stay work?

Using the front facing camera on your Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Smart Stay, tracks your eyes. If it detects a pair of open eyes gazing into its lens barrel, it keeps the screen on, if not, it switches the screen off. While all front facing camera phones could technically have Smart Stay on board therefore, only select Samsung Galaxy handsets do, the Note 2 being one of them.

How to activate Smart Stay on your Samsung Galaxy Note 2

To get Smart Stay into gear, start off by jumping into your settings menu. This can be accessed by pulling down your notifications bar and pressing the cog icon in the top right hand corner.

Once in there, scroll down to the 'Display' option and tap it. Look for the sub menu titled 'Features' and underneath it you'll find a 'Smart Stay' option, next to which is a check box. Toggle the check-box to turn smart stay off and on.

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