How to use S Beam on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2

User guides Basil Kronfli 12:04, 17 Dec 2012

S Beam on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is the easiest way to send files from one Samsung device to another - here's a step by step guide to using it

Your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is one of the best connected phones out there, and that’s in part thanks to Samsung's file sharing tech, S Beam.

What is S Beam?

S Beam is a technology that connects two devices via NFC (Near Field Communication), then goes on to beam the data using Wi-Fi. The reason this is so smart is that it bypasses the lengthy pairing process surrounding Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct. The fact it rockets information over Wi-Fi as opposed to Bluetooth is also fantastic given the fact that Wi-Fi is much, much faster.

How to turn on S Beam?

The bulk of the process revolves around your settings menu. This can be accessed by pulling down the notifications bar, then pressing the cog in the right hand side of the screen. 

Once inside, the first thing you’ll want to do is tap the ‘More settings’ option under the sub menu ‘Wireless and networks’. Now switch S Beam on. To do this, scroll down to the File/data transfer menu and tap the S Beam toggle.

Which phones support S Beam?

S Beam works with any Samsung Galaxy device that has NFC and Wi-Fi direct capabilities. To check if your phone or tablet is compatible, just check your connectivity settings to see if the S Beam option is present. Naturally, the second device also needs to go through the process outlined above in order to receive a file.

Send a file using S Beam

To send content across using S Beam, it’s as simple as tapping two devices together. Before doing so though, you need to have the file you want to send open. This can be a picture, an MP3, contact or a video file. Once your devices touch back to back, an option will appear on your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 prompting you to tap the screen to send it. Once done, you’ve successfully shared a file using Samsung S Beam on your Galaxy Note 2. Magic.

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