How to use your Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 to control your TV

User guides 17:57, 30 Aug 2012

We explain how to hook up your Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 to your TV and control your goggle box with your tablet

If you own a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and have spent any length of time exploring the features, you're probably well aware of the fact that we're now drawing ever closer to the world of ‘my device can do everything except mow the lawn'. However, in a move to make some of us feeling like we're living in The Jetsons, there are some features which feel more science fiction than tablet fact, such as Smart Remote, which allows you to control your TV with your Galaxy Note 10.1.

We've put together a brief, easy to follow guide which will soon have you making more out of your new gadget.


  1. Ensure your Galaxy Note 10.1 is connected to a Wi-Fi access point and you have the infra red port pointed at the TV you wish to control
  2. Open the App list
  3. Tap ‘Smart Remote'
  4. Click ‘Agree' if this is the first time you've launched the app
  5. Rotate the device to landscape view
  6. Select the option from ‘Set Up Smart Remote Now'
  7. Choose the brand of your television
  8. Select ‘Test Power On/Off'
  9. Tap ‘Yes' to test the connection from your device
  10. Hit ‘Done'
  11. You can now control your TV from your Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1!



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