How to maximise your Samsung Galaxy S3’s battery

User guides 13:21, 4 Jun 2012

We show you how to make your Samsung Galaxy S3's battery last longer

Samsung's newly released Galaxy S3 is widely regarded as the most impressive smartphone in the world right now. It's fast, sleek and exceptionally powerful, and easily surpasses Apple's mighty iPhone as the cutting edge smartphone du jour.

The device's hardware is cutting edge too, with a super-fast quad-core chip, stunning 4.8-inch Super AMOLED display and a 2100mAh battery which put simply, rocks! But with a few minor tweaks and options you can change good battery life to astounding battery life, and that's what we're concentrating on today as we walk you through a quick guide to improving your Samsung Galaxy S3's battery life.

  • The Galaxy S3's Super AMOLED display benefits from lower power demands than other screens but you can make the display an even smaller drain on your battery power by lowering the brightness. After all, if it's a bright, sunny day you don't need your screen cranked up to 100% because you really aren't going to benefit.
  • Live wallpapers may look great and show-off the device's GPU and screen capability but they are massive drain on your battery. Using a standard image will make your battery last much longer, and if you're prepared to be boring a black or grey image will make it last longer still.
  • WiFi is without question one of the best features of the modern smartphone, and Samsung's Galaxy S3 benefits from a strong, reliable WiFI connection, but you don't need to have it on 24/7. If you're out and about your 3/4G will be keeping you connected and your WiFi antenna is going to be constantly searching for connections which is going to sap your cell, so turn it off and only re-activate it when you're actively looking to use WiFi.
  • GPS is a must-have but it doesn't need to be on constantly. Toggle it on or off using the system settings of the device, or even utilise the power management widget that comes with Android to allow you control without having to delve into context based menus!
  • A good way of keeping an eye on batter usage is by going into the Galaxy S3's ‘Battery Usage' records. To do this tap ‘Settings', ‘About Phone' and ‘Battery Usage' - you will then be presented with a breakdown of which features are using the most amount of power. Some, like the screen, are necessary, but often you will find a rogue app running in the background, which is sapping your phone's life - find it, close it and if necessary remove it.
  • Bluetooth isn't always your friend. Sure, it's great when you're streaming music or using your hands free but when it isn't in use it's a leech. Keep an eye on it, and close it where necessary.
  • Widgets are an intrinsic part of Samsung's TouchWiz 4.0 UI. They're attractive and in most cases exceptionally useful, but some use up battery life without giving much back. After all, it's nice to know if someone's trying to get in touch on your favourite social network but a little less than useful to know what the weather is going to be like a week on Thursday in Outer Mongolia.

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