Samsung to focus on CPU production after hiring AMD staff?

News Clare Hopping 13:31, 3 Apr 2012

Samsung may be concentrating on its Exynos smartphone chips as a hiring spree sees ex-AMD employees joining the Korean manufacturer

Samsung has employed a number of ex-AMD staff, suggesting the company is concentrating on its Exynos chip business.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Samsung made the appointments to start producing servers to boost its services across the technology board.

However, we're hoping it will mean Samsung's processors will become more popular, especially after its performance in the Samsung Galaxy S2.

Exynos processors currently run on a load of Galaxy devices and a modified version of the chip runs in the iPhone (believe it or not). It's also rumoured a new version of the company's chip will appear in the Samsung Galaxy S III.

Samsung already has quite a hold on the rest of the smartphone business, manufacturing screens, RAM and storage chips in many of the smartphones around. In fact, 26 per cent of the iPhone is produced by Samsung.

However, Samsung has a long way to go until it can keep up with the likes of Intel and Nvidia when it comes to smartphone CPUs.

AMD is known for its CPUs in computers, coming second to Intel's market share.

The company has distanced itself from smartphone processors in the past, saying it has no plans to enter the market, and with a number of its employees being snatched by Samsung, this will probably remain the case.

Will Samsung focus on its CPU business, or will it leave that to the big boys? Only time will tell.

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