Samsung Wants To WORK With BlackBerry –– NOT Buy It

News 16:41, 19 Jan 2015

Samsung is reportedly offering to buy out BlackBerry for $7.5bn

Amazon Phone Misses The Big Picture, Warns Analyst

News 12:19, 19 Jun 2014

After much ado, Amazon’s long awaited Fire Phone is finally here… and not everybody is impressed

Five Reasons HTC One M8 Beats Galaxy S5 [According To HTC]

News 16:23, 11 Apr 2014

HTC has released some key reasons why it thinks the One M8 beats the Galaxy S5

Android 4.4 KitKat Must Run On ALL New Handsets

News 12:13, 17 Feb 2014

In the Android Kingdom, Google’s word is law. And this new edict is a right dozy for OEMs!

Tizen (Like BB10 & WP) Will Look To Android For Apps

News 10:58, 14 Feb 2014

Samsung’s Tizen OS will run tens of thousands of Android apps at launch

Umoove Looks To Reinvent Mobile Gaming Using Your Face

Features 11:40, 31 Jan 2014

Flying Experience is now inside the App Store, but what does the future hold for Umoove?

Samsung's First Retail Stores Open In The UK

News 10:54, 9 Apr 2014

The first batch of Samsung's new stores will be opening across the UK today

Nokia's Q4 Results: Disappointing, Surprising & Shocking

News 17:09, 23 Jan 2014

Nokia's Q4 2013 financial results are in and a poor quarter suggests Microsoft has a lot of work to do

Microsoft Makin’ It Rain For Potential WP Partners

News 12:23, 16 Jan 2014

Microsoft is funnelling cash to partner manufacturers, but not as much as previously thought

Android Jelly Bean now on 59.1% of handsets, KitKat 1.4%

News 11:09, 13 Jan 2014

The latest Android distribution stats are in. Android Jelly Bean takes lion's share while KitKat is on the up

Awesome Tech You Probably Won’t Buy in 2014

Features 16:28, 10 Jan 2014

2013/14 saw lots of cool stuff launch. But just because it's cool doesn't mean everyone will buy it

Where’s My KitKat? When Will UK Handsets Get Android 4.4?

Features 11:55, 5 Nov 2014

We've put together all we know about the Android 4.4 KitKat update and when it'll come to the major carriers

Best Budget Laptops

Features 14:53, 17 Sep 2013

For when a tablet just don't cut it...

IFA 2013: Three Days at Europe’s Best Tech Expo

Blogs 12:07, 9 Sep 2013

Sausage, beer, and technology. Paul reflects on his three days at IFA 2013

Apple TV: Building a ‘truly’ Smart TV system takes time

Blogs 12:33, 29 Aug 2013

The latest round of Apple TV channels shows Apple knows patience is key in the smart television marketplace

Lenovo takes number three spot behind Samsung and Apple

News 12:12, 6 Aug 2013

Lenovo’s smartphone business goes from strength to strength with 131 percent year-on-year growth

HTC predicts its biggest Q3 losses in ten years

News 15:39, 30 Jul 2013

HTC’s future has been called into question as analysts rule out a come back amid dire results and rapidly diminishing market share

Apple needs iPhone 6 and cheap iPhone Light

News 09:24, 29 Jul 2013

iPhone Light and iPhone 6 are critical to Apple's long term success, suggest analysts

iPhone 7 to rock 14nm A9 chipset built by Samsung

News 14:32, 15 Jul 2013

It might be a ways off yet but reports suggest Apple will use Samsung to manufacturer the 14nm A9 chipsets used inside its iPhone 7

First Tizen phone will carry Samsung’s Exynos 4 CPU

News 09:49, 19 Jun 2013

The world’s first Tizen-powered smartphone will carry Samsung’s Exynos 4 CPU and get a release date sometime in Q3, reports suggest