Black Friday: best technology deals in the UK (featuring Apple and Asda)

News James Peckham 17:16, 29 Nov 2013

Black Friday fever has descended on the UK (no thanks to ASDA) - so check out our run-down of the best technology deals

Here in the UK we’re new to the whole Black Friday tradition. The one thing to remember is to not let it get to your head, things can really escalate quickly. Some of the scenes in America are oddly reminisicent of The Hunger Games but instead of fighting for your life, customers are fighting for the latest technology.
We aren’t overreacting, these sales kill people, here’s a few statistics over recent years.

  • 2006 Ten people injured in Southern California after a Black Friday Mall Stampede. One elderly woman was involved in this incident as the crowd rushed forward when gift certificates were released from the ceiling.
  • 2008 After a mostly event free 2007, the next year involved many horrific incidents. 2000 shoppers were queing outside a Wal-Mart in New York before breaking the door down and crushing a 34-year-old shop assistant. If that wasn’t enough the crowd continued to move into the store as they had been out in the cold and didn’t want to wait any longer. The same year two people were shot dead during an incident in a Toys R Us on the west coast.
  • 2011 This year a woman in a Californian Wal-mart decided to use pepper spray on fellow bargain hunters and caused 20 people to get injured. It’s thought the attack happened as the store brought out a mass of discounted Xbox 360 consoles.
  • 2012 Last year two people were heavily wounded after being shot in Tallahassee. The incident happened after an argument over a parking space. Reports of injuries in 2013 haven’t been fully realised yet but there are sure to be more injuries as the day goes on. Some of the videos below are from this year showing the manic behaviour people exhibit just to get their hands on a good deal.

We can adopt the sales but let’s be more civilised than our American chums. Either that or just do your entire bargain hunting online.

Black Friday is the biggest US export since Halloween. For Americans, it's the first day after Thanksgiving and therefore the first Friday after the last payday before Christmas - which means a day of discounts. For Brits, it's a day of discounts without without the turkey. Here we sum up some of the best technology deals you can get. Ready, steady, shop...


Apple is one of the biggest device makers, but as it also sells its devices direct it usually offers significant discounts on Black Friday in the US. This year, however, it's not offering deals in the US but focusing on the UK instead.

In the UK Apple is offering £31 off of the iPad Air, £15 on iPad Mini and £25 on the iPad 2. Meanwhile the MacBook Air is £81 cheaper than it was yesterday and an iPod Touch is £25 cheaper.

Black Friday has started to become big in the UK as major retailers such as ASDA, Argos and John Lewis have offered one-day long deals.

US customers entering an Apple store expecting a discount will instead find there are gift cards with select purchases around the store. This deal will be available online and in store.

The gift cards range from $137 when purchasing a MacBook to $23 when purchasing an iPod nano. These deals are also available in Australia.

First up is everyone’s favourite fruit based manufacturer with a bunch of good deals.

Save £31 on iPad Air WiFi models, now £368 and £41, now £468 on the WiFi and cellular models.

Save £15 on both types of iPad Mini which now cost £234 and £334.

The iPad 2 has £25 off on both models which will set you back £304 or £404.


ASDA is offering a bunch of deals in store today.

Samsung Galaxy S3 is Half price, usually £199 now £99.

Polaroid 32” LED TV is £99, normally £179 .

Cyclone Exporer 7” Tablet is now £49.


Argos is offering an Asus S400E 14-inch VivoBook for £299. That’s a great deal considering you save £200 as it was worth £499 and probably will be at that price again tomorrow., usually associated with fashion is offering a Samsung multi-view smart camera which is normally £299 is only £99 today.

Very is also offering the Google Nexus 7 tablet which was originally £199 is now £129.

Nintendo 3DS XL in either Blue or Black is now £129 down from £179.


If you’re a gamer Steam is also offering a bunch of changing deals throughout the day. Steam is well known for their great sales so Black Friday is bound to be a big deal.

John Lewis

20% off all laptop, tablet and phone cases. There are some great designs worth checking out if you need to give your latest tech a new home.

Whatever you do

Don't let the shopping frenzy get to your head. Things can get out of hand quickly, as these Walmart shoppers found out. 

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