Best apps for the Amazon Kindle Fire HD

Top 10s 10:54, 27 Dec 2012

We round up the best Amazon Kindle Fire HD apps and games to download

If you've just got a new Amazon Kindle Fire HD, you'll probably want to start downloading applications from the off.

The Kindle range of tablets doesn't actually include Google Play, so you'll have to use Amazon's own App Store to download apps and games.

It's no issue though and there's plenty available, even though it's not the full store. We've done the hard work for you though and picked out our favourites of the year.

Angry Birds

Who doesn't love Angry Birds? The full suite of Angry Birds games is available on the Amazon Kindle HD, whether you want to play in space, with the piggies or just the original. What's even better is many of the games are either free or cost less than £1. What better way to pay this strategy game than on a 7-inch Kindle Fire HD screen?

BBC iPlayer

The Amazon Kindle Fire HD has the perfect sized screen for watching BBC TV on the move. The app alongside the BBC's media player is a must-download onto the Kindle Fire too, because it doesn't support Flash in the browser. You will need to be connected to Wi-Fi or a mobile hotspot to stream and the iPlayer does use a lot of data, but it's well worth it to catch up on Eastenders while on your commute.

TuneIn Radio Pro

TuneIn Radio allows you to create your very own radio station on your Amazon Kindle Fire HD. With a huge range of radio stations on offer, ordered in genre, location, language, trending, recommended and recent, it's easy to find something you want to listen to. You can even listen to podcasts on the move. This is truly the best radio app available for the Kindle Fire HD.


The world's favourite movie information site is available on the Amazon Kindle Fire HD as a handy app. With all the cast information, plus trailers, synopsis and spoilers (if you want to view spoilers), this truly is the font of all move knowledge, whether you're a fan of sci-fi or chic flicks.


If you're an avid cook, the Kindle Fire HD is a great accessory to help you along the way. ChefTap allows you to store recipes from anywhere on the web in a cookery file, making your very own cookbook with recipes available in a finger tap. Some are preloaded, meaning you can get cooking straight away.

Words With Friends

Words With Friends is a virtual version of Scrabble. Just like the original, you're given letters and have to create words on the board. Each letter has a different score and there are opportunities to increase your score by placing the tiles on the award squares. You can play over your data connection whether your friend is sitting next to you or on the other side of the world.


Pin your favourite pictures, products or anything else you see around the web on your Pinterest account. Whether you're planning a wedding, decorating your house or just have a fad for a certain colour, pin it to your wall and let the world see what's trending in your life.

Temple Run

This addictive games will keep you entertained for hours as you try and escape the Evil Demon Monkeys chasing you round an island. You'll have to jump, slide and turn your way to the end (although there doesn't actually seem to be one) and freedom.

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It's unfortunate that your list HAS to be so short.&#13
Amazon's decision to lock out access from google play store and the android market is a downer and has me considering returning the device for another brand.&#13
Why? Where is this frustration coming from, you ask? Simple, the launcher (home screen & basic navigation - for the non techies) is extremely un-user friendly. I want to see icons & group similar icons, like on any other android device, or cough...cough iDevice! &#13
And the lock screen advertisements, which I'm sure Amazon made a pretty penny selling that "space" like a billboard to the ready and willing companies- instead of providing an opportunity for us who forked out over $200 to post pictures of our loved ones- seems a bit greedy and selfish&#13
So my only middle ground advice- root your kindle fire folks (google if unsure what that means) wait till end of Jan though, hopefully by then enough complaints will have poured in that the Hacker community (see they are good for something) steps in and makes life simple for us common folks!!!&#13

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