Swype now available on Android for free

News Ben Griffin 14:09, 17 Jun 2010

Android keyboard alternative, Swype, is now available to the Android-using public

Until now, Swype was a closed beta, but the alternative to the usual Android keyboard is now available for free, as a public one.

The touch-screen enabled text-input application previously only came on a small fraction of mobile devices, including the Motorola Droid X, but now anyone who has an Android handset can head on over to the website to obtain a copy.

What does it do? It provides a speedier and easier way of inputting text by allowing the user to use a digit as if a stylus. Essentially, you swipe the letters required.

A closed beta test had 25,000 users really positive about the application, so it may just be worth a heading over to the Swype website (not the Android marketplace) to try it out, particularly if you are not a fan of the usual Android keyboard.

Hurry though - it will only be obtainable at a free price for a couple of days.

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