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Features Richard Goodwin 18:20, 11 May 2010

We take a look at ten of the best World Cup 2010 applications across a range of smartphones

The World Cup is, arguably, the biggest sporting event – bar the Olympics – the world houses. And the 2010 South African World Cup is just around the corner – but what is different about South Africa 2010?

Well, for the first time, football fans have the opportunity to arm themselves to the teeth with apps, which will help them view facts, figures, goals and news on their mobile devices.

Check out our top ten World Cup 2010 applications:

iSouthAfrica 2010 (iPhone)

This is a nice little free application for the iPhone that sports the following features:

  1. A complete schedule of all the matches
  2. Details about stadiums and host cities
  3. Empirical information on both the teams and their players
  4. Ability to track team’s progress in their groups and throughout the World Cup


As we said, this is a free application, so there is advertising on each page. But when you consider the amount of information available on the application it’s a small price to pay – although, there’s also a paid-for, advert-free, version for the more non-corporate types.

World Cup Countdown (iPhone)

As many will know, a lot of applications on the Apps Store don’t really do much. World Cup Countdown is one of these applications and it is basically a countdown timer until the day the great competition commences.

That said, the app is free and does have a beautiful interface – so in this sense, it is certainly worth a download if you’re a massive football fan.


One of the cool aspects of this application is that it has a whole host of images, videos and backdrops, featuring images of South Africa, prominent footballers and even a few videos thrown in for good measure.

In short, this is hardly the most comprehensive World Cup app out there, but it’ll certainly make a nice addition to your dock in the run-up to the South Africa 2010.

World Cup Essentials (Android)

While a lot of “big” World Cup applications maybe a little iPhone-centric, there are also some real options for Android users also. One of which is World Cup Essentials and as World Cup apps go, it’s about as extensive as you could want from an application.

The app itself features a calendar, countdown timer and a comprehensive guides to all the games.

World Cup Essentials also caters for info junkies as well with dedicated World Cup history sections, which covers everything from stadium history to team mascots.

All in all, this is a very comprehensive and well-presented application – and for this reason, it is a must have for any serious football fan.


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