MWC: Windows Phone 7 live blog

News Clare Hopping 14:28, 15 Feb 2010

Windows Phone 7 has been launched today, and we're at the press conference, bringing you the action as it happens

15.50: And now swiftly onto games. The most popular type of  application is games. Windows 7 brings together all gaming, featuring Xbox Live. Both games and service come preloaded on Windows 7 devices. The spotlight gives you information on new games, your recent scores and avatars. If someone is inviting you to play a game, you can see this on your phone that supports achievements and interaction with those using Xbox Live on your phone, console and PC.

15.49: Quickplay. You can pin music that you like as you can with contacts.

15.47: Music and video is a one-stop shop for all music and video. If someone has a Windows phone and a PC, they can hook their phone up by USB. Like an iPhone and PC, the Zune software will pop up as iTunes does. The music collection view will show up and you can look at all your music though artist, song. Other info includes when you last synched it up. You can also browse your phone's multimedia through your PC.

15.45: So, onto music and video. Music isn't limited to Zune or Pandora. On the PC you can switch between a range of services and Microsft has done something to bring these together. All Windows 7 phones will be a Zune. It also allows third parties to integrate in so the user can do anything they want with music or video. The music and video tile will show the last band you've been listening to.

14.44: You can create notes by text or voice. If you create it on your PC, it's also saved to your phone. You can access any document from your Sharepoint server with editing and creation functionalities on your phone.

15.43: Productivity - this phone is great for business as well as consumers. Office is great on a phpone. It also provides services whather you're a big company, SME or individual using Sharepoint.

This is called the Office hub.

15.42: The next section is the albums.Whether they've been synched to your PC, taken on your phone or uploaded to Facebook, they're all there.

15.40: Next up, it's pictures. For those who manage photos, like using Facebook and Windows Live, or other web services. On the PC it works OK, but a phone isn't the same as a PC. The pictures hub lets you see all your pictures on your phone, those you've been taken recently and those taken by your friends. Pan to the right and you can see all the activities of your friends through their photos. Tap the all item and you can see all the pictures available to you on your phone. If you choose a picture, you can upload it to a service such as Facebook, add a caption and it'll be there.

15.37: It's a panorama and you move back and forwards. If you pan to the right, you can see all your people, then pan to the right again and you can see all your social networking people. You can navigate through the centre screen by using your contacts list. Pan to the right when you've selected a contact and you can see what's new with that person. You can comment and add whatever you like to their stream. Add a pin and that contact will be added to your favourite.

15.35: First is People. The phone is a device primarily about communication and the way we access people has changed. There's outlook for work, Facebook for friends, web mail services for personal email.

On the PC it's OK to switch between the services individually but the phone is not a PC. The People hub's idea is to bring together the most common people you contact with. Those you contact most are on the top of the list, then in the middle is your social networking, with you in the middle.

15.33: Now it's on to integrated services. For each of the most common tasks, such as multimedia and contacts there are hubs. The idea is to organise on the web and data on your phone that you can visit and get fast, fun ease of use.

15.32: Windows 7 uses tiles, unlike Windows 6.5. It's meant to work for your work life and home life. You can pivot from work mail to home mail. It works like email on the desktop. If you lose network, email will still work. The number of touches is minimised.

15.29: So we're here at the Microsoft press conference for the launch of Windows 7.

NOTE: Keep refreshing your browser to see the latest annoncements from the Microsoft Windows 7 press announcement

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